Thursday, May 12, 2011

The 80 Bites Diet

Have you ever noticed that when dieting, the moment you can't eat something, the more you crave it? This has happened to me on countless diets and is one of the reasons I was initially attracted to the 80 Bites diet. You can eat what you want, within reason, as long as you keep it to 80 bites. Even better, you don't have to count calories or track portion sizes at every meal.

Using the mobile app, it works like this: For every bite you take, you click or tap your phone screen. The app tracks how many bites you have taken and how many you have remaining for the day.

One day in and I'm already calling it quits. I eat a lot of raw vegetables throughout the day - which takes up the majority of my 80 bites. In fact, the vegetables alone took about 50 bites, leaving only 35 bites total for breakfast, lunch and dinner - not nearly enough to to support my two hour workouts. And I'll admit, tracking my bites using the mobile app got a tad annoying.

Although it wasn't right for me, this diet could work depending on the types of food you eat and how active you are during the day. To remove the annoyance of being tied to your phone during meals and snacks, you could instead track your bites on your own and total them up at the end of the day.

Has anyone else tried the 80 Bite diet? Or, what diets have you done that have been successful?

- ST


  1. You're right, calorie-counting is a much better measure diet strategy; better yet, just go on the Paleo diet -- feel good, and cheers to the end of counting (as much as I like quantifying everything).

  2. 80 bites is a whole program, not just an app. The App is just for counting bites - if you actually got the program, you would not be eating all those vegetables between meals.

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