Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finding an Ideal Weekly Mileage

With the Summerfest Rock 'n Sole half marathon only a little more than two weeks away, I've been focused on running more than ever before. Specifically, am I doing enough training and the right type of training to meet my race day goals?

Lately, I've been considering how many miles I should run each week to optimize performance. Even while training for this half marathon, I haven't run more than 25 miles in one week. It makes me wonder, if I could increase my mileage by just an additional five miles per week, would it significantly improve performance? What about adding an extra 10 or even 15 miles per week? Note: I realize these miles would need to be added gradually to avoid potential injuries!

Twice a day, twice the benefits?
I recently read an article in Runner's World magazine touting the benefits of running twice a day. The basic premise is, the more you run, the more efficient and conditioned your body becomes. I think it's an interesting idea. I'm not much of a morning exerciser (I usually only do morning workouts on long run days and when I can't fit in an evening workout) but I'd give this a try to see what type of results it yields.

Quality counts as much as quantity
On the other side, the last thing I want to do is add miles simply for the sake of a higher mileage count each week. I've been following Ryan Hall's blog and enjoyed reading his recent post about weekly mileage. I couldn't agree more that hard, quality workouts are the backbone of any training schedule, more so than adding "junk miles."

Although it's a bit too late in the game to change up my training plan for the upcoming half, increasing my mileage for future races is something I'll definitely consider.

How many miles do you run each week? Would you consider running twice a day?

- ST


  1. I heard you are supposed to increase your mileage by up to 10% per week for 3 weeks, then in the 4th week go back down to your first week mileage, then increase again. I'm no expert in the half marathon, but hill running and speed workouts always helped me - I usually try to do one of these each per week.

  2. I've heard that as well! I consider hill running a necessary evil, but never mind a speed workout. Have you done any half marathons lately? I've been considering the Chicago Rock 'N Roll on August 14 :)

  3. I did the Chicago Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon last year. I didn't really train enough for it, and I wasn't used to running for that much time (not the distance), so I ended up bonking because I ran out of energy at mile 11.5. I needed to do more 60-90 minute training runs.