Monday, June 13, 2011

New Racing Strategy, New 5K PR

One of my 2011 goals was to run a 5K in less than 25 minutes. I'm happy to say I've now crossed that item off my list.

Here's the breakdown from Saturday's Lombardi 5K Run for Cancer:

Time: 24:59
Average Mile Time: 8:03
Age Division: 17/149
Women: 32/340
Overall: 99/563

I credit my new racing strategy. At past races, I've gone out too fast at the beginning and it ended up costing me later on. On Saturday, I decided I would run conservatively for the first two miles then gradually increase my pace to a sprint for the final half mile. Although it was hard feeling slow at the beginning and having people pass me, it was worth it at the end to be able to sprint to the finish line and run past several people who had passed me earlier!

At my next 5K race, I'll follow the same strategy, but try maintaining a slightly faster pace for the first two miles to reduce my time a bit. Upcoming races are as follows:

Superun 5K: June 22 (I'm a maybe for this one - I hear it's a super hilly course, which is kind of exciting!)
Summerfest Rock 'n Sole Half Marathon: July 10
5K Famous Racing Sausages Run: July 30
Hank Aaron Trail 5K Run: August 13

What's your racing strategy?

- ST


  1. I used to just go with it and try to hang on, but usually died in the last mile.

    Now, I just use a measured even pace, but usually start 10 seconds slower for the first mile, and then build into the second mile, so I have something left the last half mile. I use my garmin watch to track my pace, and check it every minute or so.

  2. Which Garmin do you use? I've been thinking it's time to buy one . . .

  3. I have the Garmin 305. It works well, but the newer Garmin is a little smaller. Overall Garmin is way better than most of the other watches - I tried the nike chip one, which was not accurate at all, but it could link up to your ipod. i usually check my pace every minute or so, and can even set pace alarms which go off if I'm running too slow or too fast.