Friday, June 10, 2011

Things to Try This Weekend

Happy Friday! I don't know about you, but this week seemed extra long for some reason, so I'm thrilled it's about time for the weekend to start. However, before shutting down my computer for the day, I thought I'd leave you with these thoughts:

This weekend, why don't you:

Add herbs to your favorite sugar cookie recipe?
It sounds weird, but it's actually quite delicious. My favorite sugar cookie recipe is from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food publication, and the last time I made a batch, I added a sprinkle of thyme and rosemary. Delicious!

Host an impromptu pre-bar party?
It doesn't take much to host a small, last-minute gathering. Round up a few friends and set out a few bottles of your favorite types of alcohol and mixers. If you want to do a bit more, you can also include a few dishes of olives, nuts and baked chips.

Run sans iPod?
I scoffed when I first saw this suggestion in Women's Health, but believe it or not, it's actually quite liberating to run without music. Instead, focus on the environment, your breathing and the sound of your footsteps. Although I won't always leave my iPod behind, it's nice for a change of pace.

Wear a bright lip or eye color?
Many women shy away from bright make up colors, but they are actually quite flattering and easy to wear. Before heading out on Saturday night, try a fuchsia, watermelon or coral lipstick or gloss. If you prefer highlighting your eyes, lime, violet or teal will do the trick.

Have a great weekend!

- ST

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  1. Great suggestions. Actually went out on a run the other day only to have my headphones stop working but found the rest of my run to be uber relaxing!