Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Running is a Journey . . . That Sometimes Leads to Chilled Treats

After taking some time off, I'm back in training mode for my next half marathon. It's about three months away, which gives me plenty of time to build mileage and improve speed before the big event.

One step at a time
Something I've been thinking about lately is how running is such a personal journey and it doesn't necessarily have an end destination. Sure, there are milestones along the way, such as races, but in the end, the only thing that really matters is being able to run another day. Every training run counts just as much as the races because they're what helps build momentum to achieve each milestone. And once a milestone is met, there's always a new challenge to
reach. But ironically, for a sport that emphasizes speed, it doesn't really matter how fast you progress along your journey. It's more important that you just keep moving forward, at any pace.

Those were the thoughts that got me through yesterday's training run. After, I rewarded myself with a homemade popsicle. If you've never made these chilled treats, you need to give them a try. They're simple to make and a great post-run eat.

Although you can use nearly type of fruit, vegetable or herb, here's one of my fave combos:

Banana Cranberry Popsicles

2 ripe bananas, pureed
4 oz light cranberry juice

Divide pureed bananas between four popsicle molds. Top with cranberry juice. Freeze until firm.

It's that easy! What running milestone are you hoping to achieve next? What's your favorite post-run treat?

- ST

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