Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bits and Pieces

This post is kind of all over the place, and that perfectly reflects how I've felt this past week and a half. It's been a tad crazy, but that's just how life is sometimes. With the good, comes the bad and it's all about what you make of each situation.

A good companion
This time, a bit of frustration was exactly what I needed to help fuel my fastest nine miles ever. As a bonus, by the end of the run, I felt a lot of less-than-positive feelings had slipped away allowing me to feel better about the situation. As always, a good run is a great companion.

I'm hoping to channel some of this energy into an upcoming race. This weekend, I'm running my first 5k in about two months. I feel as though physically, I'm capable of getting the time I want but as always it will most likely come down to confide
nce. It might be time to throw caution to the wind and just go for it!

New favorites
Lately I've been into running in slim fit boy cut, rather than track shorts. The fit is sleeker and I like to think they allow me to run a tiny bit faster. They also hold me accountable with my diet. After all, it's uncomfortable - not to mention unsightly - to have any overhang over the top of the waistband. What style short do you prefer for running?

On the topic of sharing, I have new favorite beverage, Fruit 66. My friend Julie gave me one to try and it was love at first sip. Served chilled, this sparking juice is a refreshing alternative to soda and way healthier for you at that. I can already tell it will also be great mixed in a cocktail with plenty of ice.

it for now. This week's cooler temps have me in the mood to do some more experiments in the kitchen so watch future posts for new recipes!

- ST


  1. What are slip fit boy cuts? And where can you find them (i need to shorts asap) You need to post a pic!

  2. The ones I have are similar to these:^4294967132^4294962511&t=Women%27s%20Clothing%20Bottoms#/?ll=en_US&ct=US&pid=383633&cid=1&pgid=383635&p=PDP

    I'm so bummed my size isn't available in this particular make :(

  3. Did you get these online? I wish I could try them on in the store.

  4. I went to Sports Authority at Bayshore. I also like ones by Asics. They are actually volleyball shorts but work well for running, too!