Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fast Running

The best way to get faster? Practice running fast.

Speed interval workouts are among my favorite because the time flies by and there's enough pace variety that I don't get bored. Since I'm still about two months out from my next half marathon, I'm focusing on building speed with shorter intervals, mainly 400s. Here's my current plan:
  • 1 mile warm up
  • 8 repeats of 400 meters @7:03 pace with 0.15 mile recovery @9:40 pace
  • 1 mile cool down
Turning mountains into molehills
Another way to build speed is through hill training. Right now, my favorite hill to tackle is Water Tower Road, but any large hill will do. Here's my current plan:

  • 1.5 mile warm up
  • 6 hill repeats (3 miles worth)
  • 1.5 mile cool down
I incorporate both a speed interval and a hill workout into my weekly plan, but if you're new to this type of training, you might want to start with one or the other and build up to doing both in one week. Another thing to note is it's best to avoid doing these workouts back to back. Instead add a day or two of easy running between these harder sessions.

What's your favorite type of speed workout? Anyone have any hill suggestions?

- ST


  1. For a longer run, you can run down to Lake Park,run down Lincoln Memorial to the Ravine hill (I will usually do 3-5 hill repeats there) cont down Lincoln Memorial to Water Tower Rd (once again- 3-5x) and then cont down Lincoln Memorial to Layfette hill (3-5x). Its fun to run the different hill grades :)

  2. I love that idea! I think I'm definitely going to have to try that route sometime soon :)