Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting Ready for the Next Chapter

Less than 24 hours away from my next 5k race - and for some reason, this one is weighing on me a bit more than others I've done this year. The pressure is on because it's my last time racing in my current age group division so I want to finish out knowing I gave it my best effort.

Ups, downs and finishing kicks
This means I'm keeping my head in the race from the start. I'm going to focus on my own run and not get distracted by other runners. I'm not going to slack on any hills and I'm going to take full advantage of any downhill slopes. I'm going to start my finishing kick at the right time and not back down once it begins. And I'm going to remember the training miles I've done in the past few weeks and months have prepared me to do all this - and more.

Of course I'm hoping it all adds up to meeting - or beating - my time goal for this race of 23:58. But even if it doesn't, hitting the other goals will be enough for this race. I'll be ready to leave my current division behind and see what things I can accomplish in the next.

How did you feel when you completed your last race in an age group division?

- ST

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