Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making the Switch: 400m to 800m

With my next half marathon less than six weeks away, it's time to adjust my workouts a bit to be best prepared for the big day. One transition is switching from 400m repeats to 800m repeats. While both are great for increasing speed, 800m are better at building endurance for maintaining a faster pace.

Run fast, recover, repeat
Here's my workout for the next few speed sessions:

- 1 mile warm up at an easy pace
- 4x800m in 3:30-3:40 minutes (this translates to a 1/2 mile run at 7:03 mile pace)
- 4x400m recoveries @9:31 mile pace
- 1 mile cool down at an easy pace

I'm confident this workout will help me get the time I want at the upcoming race. It should also provide a great base for when I begin training for the Great Lakes Running Series and Icebreaker Indoor Marathon Relay immediately following the half marathon. Both the series and the relay will be fast and furious - there's no doubt in my mind that extra speed is a necessity for a successful winter racing season.

Which repeats do you prefer: 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m or a mixture of all four in a ladder progression?

- ST

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