Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Mile at a Time

Over the next few months I plan to increase my weekly mileage to 50+ miles per week. This extra15 miles each week will provide a stronger base to work from when training for spring and summer races. Ultimately, I hope it will help me run faster at every distance.

Slow and steady
Increasing mileage can help nearly any runner improve performance. The key is to increase it slowly to avoid burnout and injury. Most experts suggest increasing no more than 10 percent each week and every fourth week decreasing mileage by 20 percent to allow for recovery.

In my own training, I prefer to doing three weeks at a new mileage, followed by one recovery week, and then increasing the mileage for another three weeks.

For example:
  • Week one: 35 miles
  • Week two: 35 miles
  • Week three: 35 miles
  • Week four: 28 miles
  • Week five: 38 miles
  • Week six: 38 miles
  • Week seven: 38 miles
  • Week eight: 30 miles

How a 50 mile week looks

Wondering what a week of training looks like at 50+ miles? Here's what I anticipate:

Morning: 4 mile easy run
Afternoon: 6 mile easy run

Morning: Off
Afternoon: 6 miles speedwork; strength training

Morning: 6 mile easy run
Afternoon: Shock Treatment (boot camp style class)

Morning: 4 mile easy run
Afternoon: 8 mile tempo run

Morning: 6 mile easy run
Afternoon: Off

Morning: 10 mile easy run
Afternoon: Off


What's your weekly mileage and how do you find time to fit it in?

- ST

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