Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Get Motivated!

Sometimes, I'd love to bag my workout. I think about how nice it would be to lounge around all evening watching television, catching up on the stack of magazines in my living room and maybe baking up a batch of my new favorite dessert, Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.

But then I think about how these things won't help me achieve my goals and could actually end up setting me back. At times like these, I find the best way to get motivated and back on track is checking 0ut my favorite websites, blogs and online articles.

Here are a few that currently inspire me:
  • Ask Lauren Fleshman - Have a running question? Lauren has the answer.
  • Great Lakes Running Series - After I'm done with my next half marathon, I'll be training hard for this series.
  • Combo Track Workouts - These workouts from Running Times Magazine are bound to hurt - but also yield great results over time.
  • Daily Mile - I'm hooked! If you run, bike, swim or just workout for fun, you should join this website.
  • RW Daily - Tidbits related to running, including tips, interviews and sometimes truly bizarre stories.
  • Performance Running Outfitters - My favorite running store. I can't wait for cooler temps to try out the Mizuno arm sleeves I bought last weekend.
  • Fit Milwaukee - A great local resource dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.
  • ESPN's Bodies We Want - If this doesn't inspire you to run that last interval, I don't know what will.
What websites do you read for an extra shot of motivation?

- ST

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