Monday, October 31, 2011

Haunted Hustle Race Recap

Going into last weekend's half marathon, I knew how I wanted to race - smart, confident and fast. Overall, I think I was pretty successful and the past few months of training paid off.

This time around, I think it really helped to up my weekly mileage, run overdistance, add weekly tempo runs and incorporate a fast finish into easy runs. But it was especially beneficial to focus a lot on hill training. There were several hills throughout the course and I took advantage of every one, especially the downhills. This helped me able gain time and pass several people during these portions.

How did I do?
Here are my race results:

Time: 1:46:16
Average Mile Time: 8:07
Division Place: 27/347 (Top 8 percent)
Women: 72/1009 (Top 7 percent)
Overall: 236/1568
(Top 15 percent)

What's next?
While I'm planning to take this week off, don't think I'm slacking off this winter. Here are my upcoming races:

Are you racing this winter? If so, what are you training for?

- ST

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