Monday, October 3, 2011

Training Schedule 10/3 - 10/9

While I enjoyed my recovery week, I'm ready to get back to full training. For the next month leading up to the Haunted Hustle Half Marathon, this means running 38-mile weeks.

Mini confession: While I like sticking with my training plan as closely as possible, there are some days I end up doing more or less - sometimes an extra mile or two or taking things slower than planned. I'm definitely not one to advocate being lazy or skimping on workouts - but sometimes adjustments are necessary. Trust your body - it knows what it needs!

That being said, here's this week's training plan:


Morning: Off
Speed workout (1 mile warm up, 4 x 800m with 400m recoveries, 1 mile cool down); 45 minutes strength training

Morning: 5 mile easy run
Afternoon: 3 mile easy run
; 45 minutes strength training

Morning: 6 mile easy run
Afternoon: Shock Treatment Class (boot camp style class)

Morning: 7 mile tempo run
(1 mile warm up, 5 miles @half marathon pace, 1 mile cool down)
Afternoon: Boot Camp Class


Morning: 12 mile easy run


How many of you write training plans? Do you follow your plan exactly or end up making changes as the days/weeks go by?

- ST

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