Monday, November 28, 2011

The Elf Run Race Recap

The day before The Elf Run, I decided I wasn't going to race. Following several days of eating too much, skimping on sleep and not running, it seemed like the best decision. After all, I was sure to run slow and my heart just wasn't in it.

But after talking it through with my mother, I changed my mind. A new 5k PR was once again likely out of reach, but that didn't mean I couldn't race. Given my lack of prep and recent laziness, I decided to aim for a sub-24 minute time. Nothing very fast but my hope was that others would be in a similar situation of having overindulged a bit too much over the weekend, slowing their times a bit as well.

Race results
I'm happy to report I made my goal! Here are my results:

Time: 23:36
Average Mile Time: 7:36
Division Place: 3/63 (Top 5 percent)
Women: 21/508 (Top 4 percent)
Overall: 113/792
(Top 14 percent)

Pesky racing pet peeves
The morning of the race was quite chilly. I think my toes froze a bit while waiting to start so I was happy to take off when the race began. There was the usual weaving in and out around people that lined up too close to the front (a top racing pet peeve) but after that it tapered out a bit and I was mostly able to just run.

Until coming upon another one of my racing pet peeves: People that pass, only to slow down right in front of you and then when you pass them, they try to pass you again . . . and then slow down right in front of you. One fellow female racer did this multiple times over the 5k course and after awhile, I'd had enough. I decided my second race goal was to beat her. So I let kept her in my sights until about a quarter mile from the finish then sped up, passed her and never looked back. Lesson learned - always pass with authority and confidence!

While I'm satisfied with these race results, I know I can do better. I'm ready to get back to running sub-23 5k races and to do that, I need to get back into a training routine. No more slacking - my next race is New Year's Eve day and this time, I want to run at my strongest.

Your Turn! What are your racing pet peeves? Also, are you racing before the end of the year? If so, what races are you doing?

- ST

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