Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cold Weather Running Gear

So far, Milwaukee has lucked out with a mild winter. This means outdoor running has been decent and there have even been a few days when the short shorts/legwarmers combo has made an appearance. Fingers crossed it stays this way for the next few months until spring is here!

But should freezing temps, snow and ice decide to come our way, I'm prepared. While I'll end up doing a lot of runs on the dreadmill, I plan on getting outside a few times each week. Here's the gear I'll be using to make these runs more pleasant:

Brooks Cascadia Trail Shoes - No matter where you run, good shoes are a must. Although my normal shoes are fine for dry, slightly chilly weather, I know from experience they won't cut it during extremely chilly, wet runs. For these workouts, a water and wind resistant trail shoe with extra traction is the way to go.

Cute and functional!

Brooks Running Tights - A cold weather running essential. These are the ones I like best right now, but try on a few brands and see what fits you best. Make sure you find a brand that stays up!

I prefer short shorts but these are okay :)

Nike Pro Long-Sleeve T-Shirt - For most runs, a long-sleeve t-shirt is warm enough. I like that this one is a bit longer so I'm not tugging at the bottom of my shirt throughout the run.

Brooks Softshell Jacket - Really chilly, windy or wet weather requires an extra layer. This jacket is warm without being heavy and has plenty of pockets for storing your iPod, keys, tissues, etc.

So warm, yet so lightweight!

Fuel Belt - I have a love-hate relationship with my Fuel Belt. I dislike carrying anything extra on a run, but with the water fountains shut off during the winter, it's a necessity on longer runs.

A necessary evil


  • North Face Runners Gloves - These keep your hands nice and toasty
  • Saucony Headwarmer - Love that there's an opening to loop your ponytail through
  • Sugoi Neckwarmer - Perfect for warming your neck and lower face

Note: I buy pretty much everything at Performance Running Outfitters. In my opinion they have the largest - and best - selection of running shoes, apparel and gear.

What's your favorite piece of winter running gear?

- ST


  1. Have you tried yak trax? They are perfect for running in snowy / icy conditions:

    After slipping on black ice and rolling an ankle, I don't run in the winter without them.

  2. I have not tried yak trax - good to get a recommendation for them though! I'll have to check them out. Thanks!