Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Run Alone

I'll admit, I have a slight addiction to Daily Mile. I love recording my training, following friends' training and connecting with other runners. It's great to feel part of a larger community and it also helps keep me motivated - and even a little more competitive.

But as much as I love socializing with other runners, I prefer running alone. There have been times when I've been tempted to join a group run or schedule a running date, but something holds me back every time.

Reasons to run with others
Sure, having a running partner can help you get out the door on days you don't feel like running. And running with someone faster than you can help improve your speed. Let's also not forget there's a certain camaraderie in a shared long run - even if you're not doing a lot of talking.

Reasons to run alone
However, it's still not enough to get me to schedule a running date any time soon. I like having the freedom to run whenever, wherever and as slow or fast as I want on any given day. I like being alone with my own thoughts for awhile - or not having to think about anything at all except for how I feel during the mile I'm running. It also helps me get ready mentally for races - a time when you need to be prepared to run alone.

Note: When running alone, you need to be especially vigilante about safety. Always let someone know where you are going and when; stick to safe, well-lit areas; and carry a phone, cash and/or debit card in case you run into trouble and need a ride back home.

This doesn't mean I'll say no if you ask me to go running together. I'll consider it a nice change of pace and be glad for the company! But the next morning or evening, I'll probably be back to hitting the roads on my own again. That's just how I run.

I want to know: Do you prefer running with others or running alone? What do you like best about each?

- ST


  1. I love running alone. Not many things I can say I love, but this I do. The time to myself is motivation enough to keep it up! I've been falling off dailymile a little bit, but you're right about keeping up with other, it is good to keep track and stay motivated.

    Running alone is the only time I don't tend to my phone, email, facebook, texts, etc.

    I now also run while on vacation, which I never did before. Spending time apart from my fellow travelers and getting out in the local area has been a memorable and great-feeling addition to my trips.

  2. That's an excellent point - running really does help you get to know an area better and see things from a new perspective! Looking forward to your return to Daily Mile :)