Thursday, December 15, 2011

Planning Ahead for 2012

Earlier today, my friend Sara posted a link on my Facebook page with a race she is planning to do in 2012. The race isn't until July, but as she pointed out, we're the type of runnerds that get excited about races that far in advance.

My (tentative) race schedule
Even though it's only mid-December, I have a good portion of my 2012 racing calendar planned out. Here's how things look at this point:

  • Icebreaker Indoor Marathon Relay - Milwaukee, WI - Jan 21
  • Great Lakes Expo Run 5k Race - Franklin, WI - Jan 29
  • Big Chill Run 5k Race - Pewaukee, WI - Feb 18
  • Luck of the Irish 5k Race - Hartland, WI - March 17
  • Crazylegs Classic - Madison, WI - April 28
  • Block Melanoma 5k Race - Milwaukee, WI - May 20
  • Summerfest Rock 'N Sole 10k Race - Milwaukee, WI - June 23
  • Chicago Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon - Chicago, IL - July 22
  • Lakefront Marathon - Milwaukee, WI - Oct 7

My goal is to focus on building mileage and speed during the first part of the year so I'm ready for longer races during the second part of the year. I'd like to add another half marathon to the spring portion of my schedule, probably around late April, early May. Depending on how the year goes, I also may add another half marathon to the fall portion and use it as a practice run before Lakefront Marathon.

Speaking of the marathon - it kind of scares me! I'm still not 100 percent committed to doing it, but for now it's staying on my list. I think I'm ready and thinking about training for and completing a marathon is pretty exciting to me. On the other hand, I've heard plenty of horror stories that make me hesitate a bit. More on this to come in a later post.

Now it's your turn to tell me what races you're doing in 2012! Or, are there any races you did in 2011 that you'd recommend I add to my schedule?

- ST

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  1. I do the same thing - planning way ahead. My spring schedule looks like this (assuming I stay injury-free):

    Bandera 25 km trail; Bandera, TX - Jan 7
    Piney Woods 10 mile trail; Houston, TX - Jan 28
    Surfside Beach 1/2 Marathon; Surfside, TX - Feb 18
    Nueces 25 km trail; Nueces, TX - March 3
    Hells Hills 25 km trail; Smithville, TX - Apr 7
    Whiskey Row Marathon; Prescott, AZ - May 5

    I haven't signed up yet for Nueces and Whiskey Row.

    For the fall, I plan the following races:
    Mule Shoe 30 km Night Run; Austin area, TX - Aug 25
    Rocky Raccoon 50 km trail; Huntsville, TX - Nov 3

    All of the later plans depend on me being able to run through the summer. I hope all your plans work out, and don't be afraid of the Marathon - you are well prepared.