Monday, December 5, 2011

Training Schedule 12/5 - 12/11

It turns out, a few weeks of slogging along at a low mileage was exactly what I needed. Last week, it felt great to run a few more miles and I finally feel like I'm finally getting back on track with training.

This week will include more of the same with the goal of just getting out there to run. Hopefully after the holidays are over, I'll be able to increase my mileage to get back to where I was pre-Haunted Hustle and then continue increasing into the spring season.

Here's the plan for this week:

Afternoon: 4-5 mile easy run, including strides; 45 minutes strength training


6-7 mile speed workout (1 mile warm up, 4-6 strides, 2 miles tempo pace, four 400m repeats, 1 mile cool down)

Afternoon: 5-6 mile easy run; 30 minutes strength training

Afternoon: Boot Camp Class, 1 mile cool down

Afternoon: 4-6 mile easy run, including strides

Morning: 6-8 mile easy run

Morning: 4 mile easy run

Are you training the same through the holidays? If so, how are you staying motivated to keep with it?
- ST

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  1. Yep, holidays dont get in the way of my training :) I've been having fun racing these past couple of weekends, but realizing how out of racing shape I am is enough motivation in itself! My goal is get faster over this 10K series, so I don't want to be a slacker :)