Monday, January 2, 2012

Run Into the New Year Race Recap

Happy 2012! I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and Day. Has anyone logged any miles yet in the New Year? I'll admit, except for the Run Into the New Year 5k Race, I was pretty lazy.

So, about the race - If you live in Milwaukee, you know the weather was unusually nice for the end of December. Sunny, reasonably warm and the roads were dry. In fact, I was able to race in shorts, legwarmers and my new long-sleeve Sweat t-shirt. It was so nice to leave the tights and jacket at home.

I knew going into this race that I wanted to run faster than at The Elf Run. I didn't think I was prepared to run a new 5k PR, but was hoping for a time right around 23:00.

I'm thrilled to say, I made my goal and also managed to get a new 5k PR!

Here's how the race went down:

Time: 22:48 (New 5k PR!)
Average Mile Time: 7:21
Division Place: 8/160 (Top 5 percent)
Women: 33/953 (Top 3.5 percent)
Overall: 174/1596
(Top 11 percent)

There were a lot of people at this race - more than 1,500 - so the start was a bit crazy. Although there were corrals for racers to line up at according to pace, people were basically just trying to go anywhere there was room.

As I waited for the gun to go off, I recognized a woman who ran past me at The Elf Run and ended up beating me. I decided if I was going to beat anyone during this race, it was her.

Outrunning my competition
I ended up lining up a bit further back than I probably should have and spent the first mile of the race weaving around people. Somewhere in the middle of mile two, my competition appeared. It was all the motivation I needed to run a bit faster and push the pace for the remainder of the race. No way was I letting this woman beat me and around mile three she was dropped.

Overall, I felt pretty good about this race. The women in my division were fast and I was happy to place in the top 10. I can't wait to see the updated series standings and where I place after the first two races. I also want to know what I need to do to in the remaining three races.

This week's training schedule
In the meantime, it's back to the usual training. Given that the holidays are over, I'm looking to slowly increase my mileage. Here's this week's plan:

Morning: 5 mile easy run - overslept and didn't get this one in :(

Afternoon: 6 mile easy run; 45 minutes strength training

Afternoon: 7 miles speed work; 30 minutes strength training

Afternoon: Boot camp class; two mile easy run

Afternoon: 5 mile easy run; 30 minutes strength training

Morning: 10 mile easy run

Rest Day

I want to know: Now that the holidays are over, are you increasing your training? Also, how competitive are you when you race? Are you crazy like me and pick out people you want to beat before the race begins?

- ST

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