Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Speeding Through Tuesdays

In life, it sometimes seems like the more you dread something in advance, the better it seems in the moment. Maybe it's because expectations are set at the lowest possible level?

Anyhow, that's kind of how I feel about speedwork. I typically do these workouts on Tuesdays and spend my day thinking about how I'd rather do an easy run or how I don't think I'll be able to make it through the workout. But it's never as tough as I imagine. I'll admit, sometimes I even enjoy the structure of it all - it's nice knowing exactly how far I'm running and what paces I need to hit. It's always a challenge and making it through is the best confidence booster.

I like to switch up my routine often so I'm constantly working different distances and paces. Here's my latest:

- One mile warm up

Do the following sequence twice, with a quarter mile recovery interval between each:

- One mile @7:30 min/mile pace
- 3/4 mile @7:13 min/mile pace
- 1/2 mile @6:57 min/mile pace
- 1/4 mile @6:39 min/mile pace

- Cool down til you hit the 9 mile mark

Note: This workout is best done on a treadmill so you can hit exact paces. Keep the treadmill at a 1.0 incline throughout the routine.

Feel free to change up the paces as needed. If you are new to speedwork, I recommend only doing the sequence once for your first session.

Tell me: Speedwork - do you love it or hate it? What's your current routine?

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