Monday, February 6, 2012

Training Schedule 2/6 - 2/12

First week of half marathon training? Check!

I give last week's training a solid B. Everything went according to plan, except for skipping Friday's workout. I felt flat throughout the day and decided to take it easy that evening so I could run better on Saturday. It was a good decision, but I still felt guilty about the missed miles.

I realize when writing a training plan, I won't always be able to stick to it exactly. In fact, I usually end up changing the pace, mileage or type of run I planned at least once a week. However, I definitely don't plan on making skipped workouts a regular thing!

Here's the plan for week two:


Afternoon: 6 mile easy run; 30 minutes strength training


8 mile speed workout (One mile warm up, four tempo miles @half marathon goal race pace, 4x400m, one-two cool down miles)

Afternoon: 6 mile easy run, including strides; Guts and Butts Class


Afternoon: Boot Camp Class; 2 mile easy run

Afternoon: 4 mile easy run

Morning: 10-12 mile easy run

Rest Day

Tell me: Do you ever skip planned workouts? If so, how do you feel when you do? Relieved? Guilty?

- ST

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