Friday, March 30, 2012

Six Things I'm Loving Right Now

Just a quick Friday roundup of six things I can't get enough of!

CEP Classic Running Compression Socks - In pink, of course. Wear them before, during and/or after running.

So many great colors to pick from!

Foam Rolling and The Stick - Yes, it hurts, but oh, it hurts so good. Follow up both with a good stretch after.

Madewell Midi Shorts - Despite this week's chillier temps, I still have summer on my mind. And that means shorts. This blue would look great with the tan I plan on sporting after a few sunny day runs.

These shorts say casual and carefree

Spontaneous Dinner Dates - Sometimes the best laid plans are only made an hour or two in advance. There's still time to make your own spontaneous plans for tonight . . .

Clif Shot Bloks Tropical Flavor - These gummy squares look like candy and taste like candy but on a long run, they count as legitimate running fuel. Love :)

I also like the Black Cherry flavor

Cadbury Eggs - Creme or caramel filled, I just can't get enough of these Easter treats. It's a good thing they're only available for a short while every year.

*Note: All images taken from company websites

What are you loving right now?

- ST

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