Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Training Schedule 4/23 - 4/29

Sometimes during a run, everything clicks. 

Last night, that's exactly what happened. I planned for an easy six, with an average pace around 8:45-8:50. First mile was right around 9:00, which was on track with my plan, but then it was like something switched. The next five miles were much faster, with several at sub-8 pace. Even stranger, the pace felt relaxed and controlled the entire time. It was like an easy run even though I was running closer to half marathon goal pace. 

My legs wanted to go faster still, but I forced myself to hold back through six miles. After that, I let go and ran in the remaining 0.39 at 6:24 pace. 

If everything clicks like this at the upcoming Rockford Half Marathon, I'll be a happy girl :)

The race is less than one month away, which means two more hard weeks, leading up to a training peak, followed by a gradual taper (35 miles then down to 30). 

As for this week, here's the plan:

Afternoon: 6 mile easy fast run; 45 minutes strength training


9 mile speed workout

Afternoon: 6 mile easy pace run; 45 minutes strength training


Morning: 4-6 mile easy pace run
Afternoon: Boot Camp Class

Afternoon: 4 mile easy pace run

Morning: 16 mile long run

Rest Day

Have you ever had a normally harder pace feel easy? Also, what's on your training plan this week?

- ST

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