Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekly Training Schedule 5/7 - 5/13

Two weeks. Two weeks. Two weeks!

Actually . . . less than two weeks until the Rockford Half Marathon. It's quickly approaching, but I feel ready and fairly confident that I can meet my goals for the race. There are always factors that you can't control, but of the ones I can, I know I've done my best. 

This training cycle is winding down. Last week, I hit my peak of 50 miles, including a 10 mile tempo run and 18 mile long run. Both of those key workouts went well and hopefully are an indicator that my fitness is exactly where it needs to be at this point!

Some runners make the mistake of believing they can scramble and build additional fitness the last week or two before a race. But my only focus is maintaining what I have and not getting injured. I'm actually taking a step back and scaling down the training intensity to help ensure I make it to the start line healthy and rested.

Here's the plan:

Afternoon: 5 mile easy pace run; 30 minutes strength training


8 mile speed workout

Afternoon: 6 mile easy pace run; 30 minutes strength training


Morning: 4 mile easy pace run
Afternoon: Boot Camp Class

Afternoon: 4 mile easy pace run

Morning: 8-10 mile tempo run

Rest Day

 I hope everyone has a great week!

- ST

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