Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Making it a Kenyan Summer

What I wouldn't give for a nice 45 degree day. I spent a lot of winter wishing for hot summer days. But now that they're here, I can't wait for crisp fall weather. I guess it's as the saying goes, watch what you wish for. 

However, these hot temps do seem quite appropriate for my newest purchase. I found this on my desk yesterday:

And inside, was this:

Running Times Magazine recently did an article about making this summer a Kenyan Summer. Although it was geared toward helping high school students prepare for the fall cross country season, I thought it had some good tips for older runners training for key fall races. It definitely inspired me to run more, get fitter, and power through fatigue. You can read the article here.

And the good news is, my training is back on track. This week I should once again hit 50 miles, which is where I want to be right now. Here's the plan:

Afternoon: 8 mile easy pace run, including strides

8 miles speedwork, including 4 half marathon pace miles and 4 quarter mile repeats


Afternoon: 6 mile easy pace run; 45 minutes strength training

Morning: 6 mile easy pace run

Afternoon: Boot camp class

Afternoon: 4 mile easy pace run

Morning: 18 mile easy pace run

Rest Day

Now I just need to learn how to make ugali . . .

- ST


  1. I actually host ugali carbing sessions for elite Kenyan runners prior to major marathons...see www.runwithkenyans.com. They're open to the public, so hope you can catch up with us next time. Or come to Kenya for a running safari!

  2. I'd love to attend one of your sessions if I'm ever at a marathon you're at. The running safaris sound pretty awesome as well - what a unique trip!