Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In Search of Bialys and a Fast 5k Race

It's Tuesday morning and I'm totally craving a bialy. What's a bialy, you ask? Bialys are small rolls, that are similar in texture to a bagel. In place of a hole, these rolls have a small indention in the middle, usually filled with diced onions, garlic or poppy seeds.

If anyone knows where to find bialys in Milwaukee, let me know ASAP :)

Anyhow, on to running! This week is the first of two 5k racing weeks. Saturday, I'm racing the Lombardi 5k Run for Cancer at the Milwaukee Zoo and next week Thursday, I'm racing the Bacon Race at State Fair Park. I would really love to PR at one of these races - and maybe even make my goal time for this year of 21:XX. 

But I'll admit, my confidence in my ability to run a fast 5k right now is a bit down. In prep for the Rockford Half Marathon, I didn't do a lot of speedwork other than HM pace tempo runs. And after taking an 8 day break from running, I hit the track for 400m repeats and the workout kicked my tail. 

I plan on running all out for both races, but a new PR may have to wait until later this summer or fall. 
Last week I fell a bit short on miles after having to cut my speedwork short and skipping Friday's run. This week, I'll add a few more miles to get a bit closer to last cycle's peak training. The goal is to be back at 50 mpw later this month!

Afternoon: 6 mile easy pace run; 45 minutes strength training

14 mile easy pace run


Afternoon: 6 mile easy pace run

Morning: 6 mile easy pace run

Afternoon: Boot camp class

Rest Day

Morning: Lombardi 5k Race (Plus 2 mile warm up and 3 mile cooldown)

Rest Day

Total: 40 miles 
I think that's it for now! Anyone care to share tips for running a fast 5k race? Oh, and Happy National Running Day a day in advance :)

- ST

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