Monday, June 11, 2012

Lombardi 5k Run for Cancer Race Recap

Saturday just wasn't my day. 

I arrived at the Lombardi 5k Run for Cancer at 7am to warm up and it was already quite warm and sunny. This seems to be the theme for my recent races! Because I've had a bit of quad soreness lately, I wanted to do a really good warm up, so I ran two easy pace miles around the course, followed by some dynamic stretching and strides. I was feeling pretty good as I walked over to the start area.

As always, I started a bit too fast, but soon fell into a comfortably hard pace. I knew from where I lined up that there were only six women in front of me and my goal was to not let anyone pass me. I ran with another woman for awhile but was able to get past her with a mini surge as we finished the first loop of the course.

Things were going well and I was starting to think about when I was going to start my kick to the finish when I was hit with the worst side stitch I've ever experienced. I was about 0.5 to 0.6 miles from the finish line. I tried running through it. I tried shoving my fingers into the pain and massaging it out. I tried a hard exhale as my foot opposite the stitch hit the ground. Nothing worked and it was just getting worse. So I had to pull over to the side and start walking. 

It was so frustrating being forced to walk and watch others run past. One woman passed, then two more. Then a couple more. I kept trying to run again every time this happened but it was pretty hopeless. Finally, about a tenth of a mile out, I gritted my teeth and "ran" the rest of the way in.

Although I went into the race with the mindset that it was a speed workout, not an all out effort, I was still looking for better results than these:

Time: 24:20
Average Mile Time: 7:50
Division Place: 6/111
Gender Place: 18/409
Overall: 71/649
I've been reviewing my days leading up to the race thinking about what may have caused the stitch and I have it narrowed to the heat and my terrible diet leading up the race. Two lunches and two dinners out last week probably wasn't the smartest idea. 
I'm determined to finally have the 5k race I know I'm capable of running. After striking out at Luck of the Irish (side stitch) and the Lombardi race (side stitch part 2) my sights are set on the Bacon Race this week. Fingers crossed it's a good one!
And sorry for the lack of pics with this post. I didn't get any before, during or after the race!

I want to know: What do you do to prevent a side stitch or deal with one during a race?

- ST


  1. That's horrible! It seems like some of these events are unavoidable. At my last half, I had a foot cramp for the first 5 miles, and I NEVER get them.

    1. Ouch - a foot cramp sounds terrible! Good for you for making it through the race though - 13.1 miles is a long way to go if you're in pain!