Friday, June 15, 2012

Race for the Bacon 5k Recap

I think it's safe to say that any race that ends with bacon is a good race. 

Last night was the inaugural Race for the Bacon at State Fair Park and it was such a fun event. There was a 5k and 10k race. Both ran the same course, the 10k racers just taking a second loop. I opted for the 5k race as I'm still trying to hit my time goal of sub-22 minutes. 

Here's how the race shook out:

Time: 22:46
Average Mile Time: 7:20
Division Place: 1/41
Gender Place: 7/???
Overall: 28/282

I was pretty nervous at the start because I really thought I could meet my goal. I knew it was a flat, fast course and that made me pretty optimistic I could run a good time. I ran the first mile in 7 minutes flat. Mile 2 was a few seconds slower, but I knew if I just maintained my pace I could kick in the finish and meet my goal. 

Trying hard to pick up the pace

But not quite halfway through Mile 3, I felt a small twitch on my right side that has become all too familiar to me. You guessed it - the dreaded side stitch. Although nowhere near as bad as the one at last weekend's Lombardi race, it still forced me to slow down and walk a bit. I was able to run again but the momentum was gone and I was really happy when the finish line came into sight.

Although I was disappointed about missing my time goal again, I was pretty excited to find out I won my Age Group!
Cute, right?
And of course, there's nothing quite like a Bacon Bash with a full bacon spread and live music to boost your spirits after a race!
My mom also did the 5k race (and won her Age Group!) and we agreed it was a great, well organized event. I think this race is going to be a yearly tradition for both of us. 

Did you race for the bacon last night? If so, how did you do and what did you think of the race?

- ST


  1. Great race Sun! That is a very good pace. Sorry to hear of the side stitches. Do you think it has to do with pre-race meals or drinks? Best wishes for the next race! Rolf

    1. Thanks Rolf! I think pre-race nutrition may be a factor so I'm looking into what I can change for future races.

  2. Hi Sun: I found this link from Runner's World with advice on dealing with side stitches:

    Hope it'll help. Best wishes, Rolf

    1. Thanks Rolf - I will have to check that link out!