Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Surviving the Gym Dreadmill

Given the super hot weather earlier this week, I decided to hit the treadmill last night. Turns out, the gym cardio room wasn't much better. It was steamy, sweat-through-your-sports-bra-and-shorts-within-10-minutes hot. It wasn't pleasant, but I managed to stick it out for my planned six miles. 

When I run outside, the time passes by quickly. On the treadmill, this usually isn't the case. Here's a typical run:

Start: Treadmill on at incline 1.0 and a slow 10:00 minute/mile pace. Quickly decide this is too slow and turn it up to 8:49 min/mile pace.  

Mile 1: This isn't so bad. It's hot, but manageable.

Mile 1.5: Almost to the two mile mark. Which means . . . I still have more than four miles to go. 

Mile 2.25: Okay, it's way hotter in here than I thought. Maybe I should start adding short pick-ups to get this run done faster. 

Mile 3: First 5k pace pick up done.

Mile 3.6: There are dried sweat splatter marks on the mirror in front of me. Looks like someone else sweated as much as I am right now.

Mile 4.5: Why must a creepy/weird guy that stares always hop on the treadmill next to mine? There are about 10 other open machines. If I were outside, I would totally outrun him.

Mile 5.15: And now he's talking/muttering/humming to himself. Excellent. 

Mile 5.5: Almost done! I should practice my 5k race kick tonight. 

Mile 5.7: Speeding ahead at 7:03 min/mile pace.

Mile 5.8: Hitting 6:39 min/mile pace.

Mile 5.9: Holding a 5:45 min/mile pace - only a tenth of a mile to go!

Mile 6: Just a quick cooldown and I'm done! 

Mile 6.2: It better be nicer out tomorrow so I can run outside. 

How do you survive the treadmill? What do you think about? Do you listen to music, read or watch TV?

- ST

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