Monday, July 2, 2012

My First 20 Mile Run

It's been awhile since my last post and things have been busy!  But don't worry, in between a lot of socializing - company picnic, bachelorette party, dinners with friends, Summerfest - I still managed to fit in all my miles.

Over the weekend I did my first 20 mile run! In the days leading up to it, I was excited but also really nervous about running so far. As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. I ran around the South Shore Park/Grant Park area with my much-more-experienced runner friend Chris, and the time flew by. We kept the pace easy throughout and I'm really grateful Chris was willing to run at a slower pace with me.

Because we ran easy, I felt really good after - probably better than a person should feel after running that that many miles. Overall, it was a total confidence booster and I'm already excited to run my next 20 miler - in less than 3 hours :)

This week, I'll once again hit 50 miles, which keeps me on target for my goals. Here's what the plan includes:

Monday: 6 steady pace miles; 45 minutes strength training
Tuesday: 8 miles speedwork
Wednesday: 8 easy pace miles
Thursday: 8 steady pace miles; 1 hour boot camp class
Friday: 4 easy pace miles
Saturday: 16 easy pace miles
Sunday: Rest Day

I'm still debating if I want to do a Fourth of July race. It's supposed to be really hot that day so it will likely be a last-minute call. If I decide to do a race, it will be on tired legs, as I'm doing speedwork on Tuesday evening. However, I have the feeling my new Sparkly Soul headband might help me run faster!

This pic is a bit dark and really does not do the headband justice!

If you haven't already checked out Sparkly Soul, I recommend you do so, stat! The headbands are as functional as they are cute. They never slip and come in two widths - my favorite is the wide band. I always receive compliments when I wear one and they are a perfect way to add a bit of sparkle to a race-day outfit.

Anyhow, that's about it for this update. Tell me about how you've been. Anyone running a Fourth of July race this year? Or, tell me about your first 20 mile run!

- ST


  1. Congrats on your first 20 miler! I'm sure it makes a half marathon seem like nothing!

    1. Thanks Alysha! I think every race distance can be challenging for different reasons, but mainly because shorter distances need to be run faster :)