Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Running in the Dog Days of Summer

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how this is going to be my Kenyan Summer because of all the miles I plan on running. Little did I know at the time that it would also feel like a Kenyan Summer with near 100 degree temps for days at a time! 

Fortunately, I've still managed to get most of my miles in, although more have been on the treadmill than I'd like. I did take a break from the 'mill on Thursday and ran at the Pettit National Ice Center track. It was a chilly 50-some degrees and felt great! I was surprised there weren't more people there to run or skate. It's a great option to escape the heat for a bit. 

Running at the Pettit during the Icebreaker Marathon Relay

Temps finally came down on Saturday morning, just in time for my long run. I planned on doing 16 miles. Which turned into 18 miles. And . . . then it turned into 20 miles. It was such a gorgeous morning and I was happy to be outside running so I decided to keep going. Ended up finishing the run in 2:54, which I was happy with considering it was only my second 20-miler! 

One thing that I think really made a difference is I took in more nutrition during the run. Here's how I fueled:

Pre-run: 1 plain PopTart (no icing), 16 oz water, 1 Hammer Endurolyte Capsule
Throughout: Hammer Endurolyte Fizz beverage
Mile 7: 1 Roctane gel
Mile 10.5: 1 Hammer Perpetuem solid
Mile 14: 1 Accelerade gel
Mile 17.5: 1 Hammer Perpetuem solid

Not the tastiest fuel, but gets the job done [Source]

Normally, I'd start a taper period right now, since my next half marathon - Chicago Rock n Roll - is less than two weeks away. However, since my number one goal is running well at Lakefront Marathon, I won't begin tapering until the week of the race.

Here's this week's training schedule:

Monday: 9 miles easy pace (Ended up picking up the last 2-3 miles to sub-8 minute pace)
Tuesday: 9-10 miles speedwork (1 mile easy, 6 miles half marathon pace, half mile recovery, 4x400 @5k pace, cooldown)
Wednesday: 6 miles easy pace
Thursday: 8 miles steady pace
Friday: 4 miles easy pace
Saturday: 14 miles easy pace
Sunday: Rest Day
Total = 50 miles

What do you have planned for this week?

- ST

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