Monday, August 20, 2012

Run/Walk to Milwaukee Irish Fest Race Recap

After falling into a racing funk earlier this season, I was beginning to think I'd never make my way out. I'm happy to say, I think I'm finally back on track. 

This race was a new 5k PR! The icing on the cake was winning 3rd in my Age Group and getting a shiny new medal to add to my collection.  

I love the green and white ribbon

In addition to marking my return to better running, this race was special to me for a few other reasons:
  • I was on the race planning committee so it was very exciting to see how months of work came together for a successful event. 
  • My company 5k team, The O'Zizzos, made its debut.
  • My mom, brother and niece also participated in the race. 

It was a beautiful morning, especially given it's August and the race didn't start until 10:30am. I met up with my fellow team members before the start and before I knew it, it was time to line up. 

Before the race with teammates Banh and James
Just like the Brewers 5k, I lined up a bit further back to avoid starting out too fast. This time, it may have been a bit of a misstep as I found myself weaving in and out to get around slower runners. 

Earlier in the week, I ran the course so I would be familiar with it on race day. I kept a pretty even pace throughout and didn't start my kick until I hit the three mile mark. Miles one and two felt decent although I was working hard to maintain pace. Mile three was a struggle and I kept reminding myself that I didn't run as hard as I did for the first two miles only to give up. This is where knowing the course really came in handy, as I could picture exactly what landmarks were ahead and could estimate how much further I had to run. 

It doesn't matter how fast I run - it always looks like I'm bunny hopping in pics!

Here are my results:

Time: 22:12
Average Mile Time: 7:09
Division Place: 3/119
Gender Place: 9 /725
Overall: 64/1,293
After I crossed the finish line, I stood on the sidelines with my coworker James to watch other O'Zizzos finish the race. Then, I ran back on the course to find my mom, brother and niece to cheer them on as they made their way to the finish line. 
Running with my niece, Kyley
It was a really fun morning and served as a reminder to me that the next great race is always just around the corner. I still have a goal time to hit this year (21:XX) and after this race, I'm more confident than ever that I'll get there. I won't let 13 seconds stand in my way!

Did anyone else race this weekend? Or, do you have any running or fitness goals you're working toward this year? 

Tell me all about it :)

- ST


  1. Congrats on your PR! Your niece is too cute. It seems like you guys had a great time.

    1. Thanks Alysha! It was a blast and the weather couldn't have been more perfect :)

  2. Wow, congratulations! That's an awesome pace!

    1. Thanks Alex! I'm so happy about the cooler temps. After all, cooler temps = faster pace :)

  3. So cute! That's good that your family members ran too! I need to sign up for another 5k soon, it's been too long!

    1. A fall 5k is a great idea - Let me know which one you decide to race!