Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Marathon Countdown Begins!

The other day, I realized . . . Lakefront Marathon is less than one month away! 

During these past few months, several people have asked me what training plan I'm following. Even though it's my first marathon attempt, I decided to write my own plan. I knew what I wanted: Higher mileage with lots of easy pace running, at least one quality workout every week, multiple 20-milers and one rest day each week. Whether or not this will prove successful has yet to be determined :)

At this point, I'm in my last week of peak training before going into a gradual three-week taper. Here's the plan from last week and this current week:

Monday: 10 miles, easy pace
Tuesday: 10 miles, easy pace
Wednesday: 10 miles total: 6 morning miles, easy pace + 4 afternoon miles, easy pace
Thursday: 8 miles speedwork, fartlek workout
Friday: 4 miles, easy pace
Saturday: 18 miles, easy pace
Sunday: 5 mile walk with Mom :)

Monday: 12 miles total: 4 morning miles, easy pace + 8 afternoon miles, half marathon/easy pace combo
Tuesday: 8 miles speedwork, ladder workout
Wednesday: 12 miles total: 4 morning miles, easy pace + 8 afternoon miles, easy pace
Thursday: 6 miles, easy pace
Friday: 22 miles, easy pace
Saturday: Briggs and Al's Walk: 5 miles + about 3 miles total to and from the event
Sunday: Rest Day

Oddly enough, it seems like the more miles I run, the more motivated I am to run. However, since I'm running more miles than ever before, I'm taking extra precautions to avoid injury. Most of these miles are slow (read this excellent article about the benefits of slow running!) and I'm doing lots of foam rolling, stretching and ice baths after long runs (14 miles+). 

So with that, it's time to start the countdown - Just a few short weeks remain until I can finally call myself a marathoner :)

Who else is doing a fall marathon? Also, what are your thoughts on training: Same pace every day or do you change it up?

- ST


  1. I like to do different paces based on distance and difficulty. Also, keeping the same pace gets a little boring after awhile :P

  2. You're training plan is something to strive for! I'm impressed by your discipline and I know you'll do great!

    1. Thanks Alysha! I'm excited to see how your training pays off in your upcoming half!

  3. Yay, congrats on almost getting there!! Your training plan looks awesome!