Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sub 2:55:25 or Bust!

Only a few days until my first race in 2013! 

The Icebreaker Indoor Marathon Relay was one of the first races I completed back when I first started running and to this day is one of my favorite events. It's a bit different from typical road races in that it's held indoors and the miles are run on a track. Four laps around equals a little more than one mile.

The first year I did this race, my team's only goal was to finish. The second year, I ran with a different group of girls and our goal was to place in the top three teams in the female team division - we ended up placing second. 

Last year's team after the race with a few prizes
This year, my team is reaching even higher - we have our sights set on winning the female team division AND setting a new course record for all female teams. Provided no other teams run faster than last year's winning team, we will need to run faster than 2:55:25 to set a new CR. This translates to 6:42 min/mile pace or faster. So, no pressure at all ;)

I'm both nervous and excited about the event! I'm confident every member of my team can hit this pace during their four-lap repeats but I also know that race day tends to present a few surprises no matter how well you prepare. 

At the race, I'll be pretty easy to spot - this will be my first time racing in my Oiselle Team gear! I'm wearing my Oiselle singlet, orange shorts, white compression socks and a pair of homemade armwarmers that everyone on my team is wearing :) 

These socks will soon be transformed into crazy armwarmers! 

If you're looking for something to do on Saturday afternoon, come cheer for my team! The race starts at 1pm at the Pettit National Ice Center.

Let's talk running: Have you ever participated in a relay race? Or, have you ever raced indoors or on a track?

Best of luck to everyone racing on Saturday!

- ST


  1. Good luck you guys! At least I can say I know the winning team!

    1. Thanks Alysha! Best of luck to your team as well :)

  2. Yay for the relay!! Good luck, I'm excited to watch you guys kill it! (and meet for the first time :) )

    1. Thanks Laurie! I'm excited to meet you as well!

  3. A 6:42 pace! Sun, you are such an amazing athlete!!!

    1. Thanks Alex - I'll definitely have to push myself for this one :)