Monday, March 18, 2013

Prepping for Chi Town

Good morning! I'm going to start today's post with a few random thoughts about this upcoming weekend's Chi Town Half Marathon.

My plan has been to use this race as a quality workout - not an A goal race. This means a nice steady pace and aiming to finish in the 1:48-1:50 range. 

Part of me thinks I could actually race this one and aim for a new PR. I believe I have enough fitness and since I didn't race last weekend, I'm mentally prepared for a race that hurts. 

But . . . my recent hamstring issues have put a bit of a damper on things. I'm not sure how long I can run at a faster pace before things shut down. 

So, that's where I am right now. I know the smart thing to do is to run conservatively so I can finish without risking injury and keep training for the Wisconsin Half Marathon in May (my A goal race). But . . . I also believe that the only way to get to the next level is to take a risk every now and then. On the other hand, I know firsthand that there is a difference between fearless and foolish. I will do anything to avoid another DNF race experience!

I'll wait to make any final decisions until I get a few workouts in this week. I want to see how my legs feel after taking an unplanned extended break over the weekend. I'm hoping they feel fresh and ready to crank out some fast miles!

My runs will be short and easy pace this week with small bursts of race pace running. A typical workout will be 4 miles @easy pace with the last quarter of every mile run at half marathon race pace + 30-45 minutes light strength training. Post workout, I'll foam roll, stretch and ice as necessary.

As for diet, one of my current favorite workout recovery meals is a salad topped with a veggie burger. 

I like to start with a bed of spinach and then add diced beets (cooked of course), a chopped veggie burger and a scoop of cottage cheese. I then sprinkle either Penzey's Sunny Spain or Sunny Paris seasoning on top. It's simple and only takes a few minutes to prepare!

Chat Time: Do you ever change your mind at the last minute about your goals for a race? What is your favorite post-workout meal? Also, anyone have a good veggie burger recipe? 

Let's get this week started!

- ST


  1. You have to keep your "A" race as your #1 goal. Sometimes it hard to put into perspective that your races leading up your "A" race are essentially just another training day! You also always have to listen to your body!!! Its better to go into your "A" race 10% undertrained than 1% overtrained. 2 years ago, I strained my left hip flexor at the South Shore 1/2 marathon & had to refocus my training & racing in order to get healthy for a key race in mid May. I orginally had a goal time for the Door County 1/2 marathon which was 2 weeks proir to Triple T. At that point in time, I wasnt even sure if I could run 13.1 miles! I had barely been running. That was the 1st race that I actually looked at the scenery! Sometimes holding yourself back is harder than racing at a hard effort. You learn something on every run & at every race :)

    1. Thanks for the advice, Anna! I agree, holding back is probably the hardest part about running. Something to work on this year :)

  2. ugh, i'm sorry u're dealing with a stupid hamstring issue...i'm actually 'blessed' with the same affliction at the moment! so it's smart of u to adjust ur race goals, take it as it comes...go out at ur workout level effort and if the hamstring really does feel good and allow, aim for those negative splits. :)

    1. Smart advice, Cait! Hamstring issues are the worst!