Monday, April 22, 2013

Move Along

Hey Friends! In light of last week's Boston Marathon bombing, I decided to take a week of silence. It didn't seem appropriate to write about my training, workouts, diet, etc. when there was such important breaking news unfolding every day. I thought about writing about my own thoughts regarding the situation but there were so many others out there telling similar stories and many of them telling it better than I could!

Anyhow . . . The one positive thing to come out of last week for me was continuing to move forward with my training.  One thing I've been a bit concerned about is being able to run fast again. I've been focused on rebuilding my base and haven't done any speedwork to avoid re-injuring my hamstrings. Most runs have been in the 8:50-9:10 mpm pace range.

But Monday afternoon was a different story. I was feeling such sadness, disappointment and anger about the Boston Marathon situation that I needed a run where I could let my legs, head and heart go free. I ended up logging 8 miles, with 6 of those miles between 7:50-8:00 mpm pace. It felt great - but as a precaution, I went back to my easy pace for my other runs during the week.

However, these miles got me excited about my new goal race this spring, the Madison Twilight 10k. I'm on a bit of an abbreviated training schedule since I've had to devote April to base building, but hopefully a few solid speed workouts during the first three weeks of May will be enough for a good race. I have a goal time in mind, but I'm going to wait and see how training goes these next few weeks before putting it out into the universe. On the plus side, this will be my first time racing a 10k, so I suppose no matter what my time ends up being, it will be a PR :)

On that note, training this week looks like this:

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 6-8 miles easy pace; core training
Wednesday: 6 miles hillwork
Thursday: 6 miles @easy pace; strength training; 4-6 miles cycling
Friday: 4 miles @easy pace
Saturday: 12 miles @easy pace
Sunday: Rest Day

The only thing that might change is if I decide to jump in the Deer Run 5k on Saturday morning. In that case, I'll take Friday as my rest day and shift my 12 miler to Sunday morning.

As much as I'd love to race on Saturday - I hear the course is super fast - I'm playing it by ear and probably won't decide til later this week. I'm definitely not in 5k shape right now - or in any type of race shape - and there's a high potential for running myself into the ground trying to keep up and get a good time. 

I'm also recovering from another minor injury from my long run over the weekend. I managed to trip on a patch of uneven sidewalk and tore up my thighs and knees. My right knee is still inflamed and the wound hasn't yet closed so I'm taking today off from training. Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be back to normal or at least good enough for a few easy miles!

Let's catch up: How did you deal with last week's events? Or, have you ever taken a nasty fall during a run? Also, anyone else planning to run the Madison Twilight 10k or any of the other Madison Marathon events?

Even though I can't run, I'm looking forward to tonight's Runners for Boston event. I love how the running community has really come together to provide support during this tough time. It reminds me why I love running :)

- ST


  1. I don't follow many running-specific blogs and actually thought of you while following the Boston coverage. It's so sad :(

    I agree; it was hard to decide if I wanted to write about it when I knew that so many others articulated it so much better.

    I'm sorry to hear about your fall! I guess there are some dangers to being so fast!

    1. I thought you did a nice job articulating your thoughts on Boston :)

  2. I can't believe you fell! I feel awful. I remember falling with Oliver once when he darted off and I was all scraped up and bleeding. I actually cried in front of a stanger and it was awful!

    1. I remember when that happened! Falling is so embarrassing :)

  3. That sucks that you fell, I hope you are ok!! I once fell while running down a hill and proceeded to roll down the hill even morning. Definitely my finest moment :) Ps, how did the event go last night?

    1. Ouch - falling down a hill would be the worst! The event last night was great - very well attended and wonderful to see so many people supporting a great cause!