Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Okay With Not Knowing What to Expect

I've been in a bit of denial the past few weeks but can no longer ignore it - the Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon is just a few days away!

This is a race that I don't really know what to expect as far as performance. I haven't been able to run as many miles or do as many workouts as I would have liked due to spring/early summer injuries, however my legs are feeling reasonably fresh since my workload has been significantly less than normal.

I feel kind of weird saying that I don't really have a goal time in mind for this one other than I hope I can beat last year's terrible time. As I've been doing lately, I'll leave my watch at home and run purely by effort, whatever that pace may be on Sunday. I don't want to limit myself by saying I'll run an easy training pace but I also don't want to get all worked up over trying to hit splits that I may not be ready to hit at this point in training. 

Last year's race - The heat and cramps just about killed me!

Although flat courses are not my favorite, the crowd support and enthusiasm from other runners can really help a girl along. Also, I have bird power on my side! I'm sporting my Oiselle singlet, buns and Wings Out necklace for this race. I truly believe that a cute outfit helps me run faster ;) To up the ante, I'm pairing the Oiselle gear with my new Saucony Kinvaras. Flashy feet = Fast feet.

My beautiful Oiselle Team singlet - love wearing this at every race :)

No matter how I race, it will be fun to spend a few days in Chicago. I can't wait to shop and eat plenty of macarons ;)

As a side note, I launched a new blog earlier this week called Keep Running MKE. It is focused on the Milwaukee running scene, including upcoming races, race recaps, runner profiles and running tips. So even if you're not from Milwaukee, check it out if you have a few minutes. Right now, the blog is running a giveaway for an entry to the upcoming Race for the Bacon!

Now it's your turn to tell me:
  • About a time you felt unprepared for a race - what was your strategy going in?
  • The best places to find macarons in Chicago - I'm on the hunt!

Stay cool, friends - it's going to stay HOT for the next few days!

- ST

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