Friday, November 22, 2013

Five Friday Favorites + A Cute Kitty Pic!

TGIF everyone! This week, I was especially counting down the days til the end of the work week. The days flew by but they were a little too drama filled for my taste. But, the only way to deal with a bad hand is to focus on the positive. So this post is filled with the things that have made me smile lately. 

Bee-Nut Butter Bliss - This stuff is the best. Think all-natural peanut butter, mixed with honey and crunchy sea salt. Divine! My friend Julie sent me a jar earlier this week and I've been eating it with my usual half Natural Ovens blueberry bagel breakfast or with a sliced apple. I haven't resorted to eating it straight out of the jar . . .  yet ;)

Oiselle Randies - I know what you're thinking - who spends that much on underwear?? But seriously, these are worth every penny. A great fit, fun colors, cheeky sayings across the rear - these are the perfect thing to wear during a long run or race. Also, because they are made with a wicking material, you won't end up with soggy, sweat-soaked underwear at the end of your run. 

Petzl Tikka 2 Headlamp - It took me a few tries to finally find a headlamp I like. This one is perfect for city running and provides just enough light so I can see the sidewalk in front of me. The key is a light that can be moved up or down so the beam illuminates the area you want. If the light is stationary, it won't illuminate anything because the light will get too dispersed into the night sky. 

Warm Scarves - Winter seems to have arrived a bit early in MKE this year making warm scarves a must. I tend to wear the same couple of scarves despite having about 30 of them stuffed away in my closet. The French Fleece Runfinity from Oiselle is my newest one and current favorite. 

Picky Bars - These are delicious and satisfying and very portable for a perfect pre-run snack. While all of the flavors are good, my favorite is Runner's High. 

And because nothing really makes me happier than seeing a cat in a ridiculous costume, I leave you with a picture of Eddie in his new Christmas tree coat!

Tell me: What have you been loving lately?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

- ST


  1. I love Eddies sweater!! I'm not sure how Jack would feel about that! Good luck this weekend. I wanted to tell you that your post a while back motivated me to start carrying my pepper spray...It had just been sitting in the box since I got it last winter. I thought I would hate it but with the hand strap, I forget it's even there!

    1. You should totes get Jack a holiday sweater! I found Eddie's at Target - only $3 and worth so much more from the giggles I've had since buying :)

      I still haven't purchased any pepper spray and have been worried about the strap aspect so it's good to know that it doesn't get in the way!

  2. Eddie is soooo stinkin cute!! I can't get my cats to wear clothes, but my pup will :)

    1. Aww, I love pups in winter sweaters. So cute :)