Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's Race Week!

Yesterday, I took a potentially nasty spill. One minute, I was skipping down the hall at work. The next, I was face down on the floor in the lobby area. Mega embarrassing, especially since I was wearing a dress. I really am the queen of clumsiness :)

Anyhow, the incident served as a reminder that I need to be more careful since it's race week. And not just any race week - I'm aiming for a PR. Now is definitely not the time to get injured in some type of freak fall or accident!

I'm super excited to race this weekend. During last week's speedwork, I felt like I could keep hitting my paces all night long so I know a PR is within reach. It's a matter of remaining calm and collected before the race, getting to the start line on time, pushing hard during every single mile (no slacking during the second mile), and embracing the pain and going all out during the last quarter of a mile. Easy, right? ;)

The race day forecast is a balmy 21 degrees. However, no PR attempt is complete without a speedy looking outfit. This means shorts, not tights - although I will probably add a Flyte Long Sleeve for an extra layer under my singlet. Here's my race day outfit:

 Oiselle Team Singlet

Sparkly Soul Wide Rainbow Headband - for good luck! 

And, leading up to the race, here's how I'm training:

Monday: 60 minute training session
Tuesday: 6 miles @easy pace; 30 minutes strength training
Wednesday: 6 mile workout, including 8x400m @goal 5k pace w/quick recoveries; 30 minutes strength training
Thursday: 6 miles @easy pace
Friday: 4 miles @ easy pace
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: The Elf Run 5k race

Total: 25 miles

Although it makes me sad to see only 25 miles for the week, I'm reminding myself that my goal is a 5k PR, not racking up as many miles as I can possibly run, especially since I don't have any longer distance races on the calendar right now!

My questions for you:
  1. Are you racing this weekend? If so, what are your goals for the race?
  2. How does your race week mileage differ from your usual training mileage?
  3. Do you have any key workouts that you do to help gauge your race readiness?
  4. At what point do you put your shorts away and start wearing tights/pants?

If you're doing The Elf Run this weekend, I'll see you at the start/finish line :)

- ST


  1. Good luck at your race!
    A few years ago, my daughter ran over my (flip-flop shod) foot with her tricycle a few days before a half marathon, and it swelled up. Thankfully it calmed down for race day.
    My break point for shorts is usually 30 or so. I did race a few legs of a recent Ragnar in shorts when it was 25 or so out, and I couldn't feel my legs after a few miles. I definitely wasn't overdressed, though!

    1. Ouch - that sounds mega painful. I would have probably been freaking out if that had happened to me before a half.

      When it comes to racing, I think it's best to be a bit underdressed rather than overdressed. I've been overdressed before and it definitely impacts time in a not so good way :)

  2. I will be doing the Elf Run 5K too this weekend! I am hoping to PR, but my PR is a bit different than yours! :-) I am hoping to be under 26 minutes, aiming for the top 15 for my age group. I was 20th last year. Baby steps! It is probably my last race running in the 40-44 age group. Yes, I am old ;-)

    I have only recently started doing interval workouts and they have been getting easier for me (I actually hit my paces without much difficulty), so hopefully that indicates that I am ready.

    I stop wearing shorts for races under 50 degrees. I could probably wear them when it is colder, but I can't stand waiting for the race to begin and freezing! My 6-year old daughter is doing the kids race on Sunday too, so I will really be bundled up. :-)

    Good luck on Sunday!

    1. Best of luck to you, too, Cathy! Sounds like a PR is within reach based off your recent workouts.

      And I agree, the worst part is waiting for the race to begin. Ugh, frozen toes! :)

  3. Good luck this weekend! I'm sure you'll nab that PR! You're so speedy and such a good racer!

    Do you love the Distance Shorts? I was thinking of buying pink ones for my Disney race in February :) The Flyte is my fave long sleeve, btw!

    1. Thanks Alicia! I love the Distance Shorts and definitely recommend getting a pair. They are super comfortable and all of the pockets are perfect for long runs and longer races.

  4. good luck! i can't believe you're going to wear shorts in 20degree weather! you're either very brave or very dumb. lol!