Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Update: Recovering From a Nasty Cold

Last week's Turkey Trot? Sadly it didn't happen. The nasty cold that has been going around got the best of me and I spent most of last week coughing up my lungs. It was a sad week with absolutely no running or exercise . . . but, I'm finally getting better, which means I get to run again! 

My first run back on Monday was pretty gross - literally - waves of nausea and a bloody nose midrun! But yesterday's miles were spectacular. I absolutely adore running in the rain and the temperature was perfect, especially given it's already December. 

I've scaled back on training this week since I'm still recovering but if everything goes well, I should be back on track by next week. Here's this week's plan:

Monday: 4 miles @easy pace
Tuesday: 4 miles @easy pace + 60 minutes strength training
Wednesday: 4 miles @easy pace + 60 minutes strength training
Thursday: 6 miles @easy pace
Friday: 8 miles @easy pace
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: Rest Day/Crosstraining

Total: 26 miles

A 5k PR before the end of the year might be a bit of a reach at this point, but I'm going stay optimistic. After all, anything is possible if you're willing to work for it!

Today's questions:

  1. What goals are you trying to meet before the end of the year?
  2. Do you run/exercise when sick? 
  3. What steps are you taking to avoid getting sick this winter?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful - and healthy - start to the week!

- ST


  1. the only goal i have for 2013 is to run more than 1000 miles and i'm pretty close to that so i think it's definitely going to happen.

    i do tend to run when i'm sick... it cleans out my sinuses so there's that. i haven't gotten sick ever since i started taking a pro biotic just over a year ago so *knock on wood* hopefully that is my new pattern.

    i don't do anything special to avoid getting sick... i just eat healthy, dress appropriately, wash my hands a ton, and take the probiotic.

    i'm glad you're feeling better!

    1. Interesting about the probiotic - do you take it in pill form?

  2. it is in pill form. i take the one a day trubiotic. it's supposed to have an immunity component to it and quite frankly... i believe it. i haven't been sick and i've got 2 kids (boys) and kids are not clean. lol!

    1. I will have to check that out - thanks for the tip!

  3. It's so hard not to get sick in the winter! I heard vitamin D but I also recently read that didn't do much. I think washing your hands and not touching your face, getting enough sleep, eating and drinking well and exercising are the only ways to truly minimize your risk! Glad you are feeling better now though!

    1. Thanks Brittany - I agree - sometimes the basics (eating healthy, sleep, etc.) are the things most overlooked, especially during the holidays!