Monday, January 27, 2014

The Indoor Marathon Relay Race Recap

The Indoor Marathon Relay was one of the first races I did after I started running - just three months after my first run! It was really tough but I remember feeling so excited after it was over. The event has remained a favorite of mine ever since.

This year, I raced under the Oiselle name, and it was truly the best year yet. My teammates (Sheila, Kim and Melissa) and I decided to run two laps (a little more than a half mile) at a time throughout the race, which turned out to be the perfect strategy. We were able to maintain a fast pace and also had less down time between turns so our legs stayed fresher throughout the race.

My best workout before the race was at the Pettit (where the race is held) and I did 10 two-lap repeats at goal race pace with three minute recoveries. It was a tough workout but definitely boosted my confidence going into the race. I knew if I could survive that workout, I would do fine at the race when I would get more than triple the recovery between laps.

At the race, I expected my first and eighth times running to be the most brutal since those were the hardest repeats during my workout. But to my surprise, although there were laps that felt hard, none felt as hard as the workout ones. I think the longer recoveries really helped!

Here are my team's results:

Time: 2:57:24
Pace: 6:47
Place: 2nd All-Female Team

Kim, Melissa, Me and Sheila

Three Oiselle birds!

I am so proud of how my team performed. We were not sure going in how we would fare given Sheila was recovering from the swine flu and Melissa is pregnant. Kim really stepped up and seriously flew around the track. That girl has an amazing stride - we all admired her gazelle-like running style!

And we couldn't have done it without our lovely team manager, Sara. She tracked our miles, helped us with the timing chip bracelet and always had encouraging words to say as we ran past. Alex also came to support our team after running the half marathon event in the morning and Kim's adorable daughter and husband came to watch us as well. We had the best spectators!

Wearing our new medals!

I'm sure I'll do this race again next year and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes running with friends. A good time is guaranteed :)

My questions for you:
  • Have you ever participated in a relay race? If so, what was your experience?
  • What did you do over the weekend?

Hope you're all surviving the big chill part 2!

- ST


  1. Congrats again, Sun! It sounds like your team had a great time - and a great TIME, to boot!
    I've done the RAGNAR Madison to Chicago relay twice, and absolutely loved it. The overnight / no sleeping thing was really hard, but the camaraderie both years was well worth it. The road trip aspect was a blast, too!
    I spent a lot of QT on the treadmill this weekend :)

    1. Thanks Laura! One of these years I will have to join you for RAGNAR - sounds like quite the experience :)

  2. Congrats! What an awesome race and team! I was looking forward to your recap. This sounds really hard, but like an awesome event to do as part of a team. How many laps did you end up doing?

    1. Thanks Alicia! I did a total of 24 laps so 12 two-lap repeats :)

  3. Congrats! That is such an awesome opportunity. It sounds really fun and challenging. And it looks like you girls made a great team!

    I ran the distance medley at our indoor national meet my freshman year in college and I had the mile leg right literally right before my 5k race. The mile felt like a flat out sprint to me and I ended up doing way better in the 5k compared to it. I guess i'm just a longer distance/slower pace person. Maybe one of those relays where they have longer legs or more repeats like your marathon relay would be better for me :)

    1. I think there are several marathons (and even a few half marathons) that offer a relay option. It's a nice alternative to doing the full distance on your own, plus fun to work with teammates :)

  4. I've never done a relay race but it is so much fun to compete as a team as opposed to an individual! Congrats on such a great finish!

    1. Thank you! I agree, it's a nice change of pace :)