Monday, February 24, 2014

Tweaks and Small Adjustments

The key to successful training? Being flexible and adjusting when necessary. 

Lately, my training has been going according to plan. I've had to make minor adjustments here and there to fit running into my schedule, but nothing major. 

Until last week. Due to weather and evening plans, I rearranged my run schedule to include double run days on Tuesday and Wednesday, track work on Thursday, easy running on Friday and a long run on Saturday. The two double days were great and my legs felt surprisingly good. I was looking forward to my track workout, when I walked out of my apartment on Thursday morning . . . and slipped on a patch of ice. I ended up twisting my knee. Fortunately, it was a minor injury with minimal swelling but enough to make running out of the question for the next two days. 

Things were still a bit rocky during my long run on Saturday morning, but I was determined to get through the miles. As long as I stuck with a sloooowww pace, my knee seemed to be fine. I tried picking it up a bit about halfway through but my knee would have none of it. Even though it seemed like the miles took forever, I was glad to be able to run.

 Whatever it takes, because I love running!

Today, my knee is feeling recovered so I'm planning a full week of training with a minor tweak - I'm only doing one speed session instead of two to account for the knee issue. Here's the plan:

Monday: 6 miles @easy pace w/strides + 30 min Y Kettle Bell Class + 30 min strength training
Tuesday: 6  miles @easy pace + 60 min strength training
Wednesday: Y-Fuse (Lunch); 8 miles inc. 12x400m @6:4x pace
Thursday: 4 miles @easy pace (Lunch)
Friday: 4 miles @easy pace
Saturday: 12 miles @easy pace
Sunday: Rest Day

Total: 40 miles

It's hard to believe spring goal races are just around the corner! The time to work hard is now :)

My questions for you:
  • What training/workouts do you have planned for this week?
  • Have you ever suffered a freak injury, i.e. slipping outside?
  • Do you ever train with Kettle Bells?

I've used Kettle Bells before but this will be my first class using the equipment!

- ST


  1. bummer about the knee but I'm glad that it's not a serious injury! sucks to be out of commission for any length of time.

    I've had weird injuries happen... a couple of years ago I was in the shower and tilted my head back to rinse my hair and tweeked my neck so bad that it hurt for the next year! just rinsing my hair for criminy's sake!?! as for the kettle bells... I've never used them.

    1. Oh, your shower injury sounds terrible! So strange how we can run for miles yet end up getting injured doing everyday things.

  2. So glad it's not something more serious! And you are 100% correct with the key to successful running- It's better to adjust minor things now than have to majorly adjust them later.
    I've never used kettle bells before, but I wouldn't probably need some instruction on how to use them like that class you're taking, I would probably be that girl that drops it on her foot or something from using them the wrong way ha. Which brings me to my freak injury. I tripped in a hole on a run three years ago and my entire shoe went flying off. It was the first day of practice at a new college so I laughed it off, super embarrassed, put my shoe back on and continued to run six more miles on it. I think the embarrassment masked the pain because it ended up being broken. Wasn't all that great at the time, but makes for kind of a funny story now though haha

    1. Oh no! Your freak accident sounds terrible! I can totally relate though. Last spring I tripped on the sidewalk while running and landed on my face. I was so embarrassed that I jumped up and kept running. When I got home, I realized my legs were both ripped open and my formerly white compression socks were covered in blood spots. I guess that explains the weird looks I got for the rest of the run :)

  3. So sorry to hear about your knee! I hope it is feeling better and you can get back on track for your spring races! I seem to be drawn to weird accidents, but thankfully nothing too bad on ice.

    I took this week off after my back to back races, and I'll slowly get back into strength training and other cross training this week. Maybe running this coming weekend, and hopefully slowly back into it the following week!

    1. Thanks Alicia - fortunately it seems to have healed fine :) Can't wait to hop over to your blog to read about your races!