Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Running, By The Numbers

Recently, someone asked me how many races I've done. As I opened my mouth to answer, I realized, I actually had no idea. I've raced enough in the last three years that my number is well into the double digits! 

So, for fun, I decided to do a little "By the Numbers" that includes my number of races at each distance, medal count and PRs. Here's what I found:

Race Distances
2 Marathons
4 Marathon Relays
7 Half Marathons*
1 10k Race**
1 4-mile Race
33 5k Races 
1 2-mile Race

Medal Count
25 Medals Won
12 Finisher's Medals

Personal Records
3:43 - Marathon (October 2013)
1:46 - Half Marathon (October 2011)
45:53 - 10k (May 2013)
21:40 - 5k (August 2013)

Compiling these lists made me realize that my half marathon PR is super old! Last year, I used half marathons strictly as marathon-pace training runs but maybe in the next year I'll have to actually race one to better my PR. It's my least favorite distance but maybe getting in a good race will change my opinion :)

My questions for you:
  • Have you ever tallied up how many races you've completed? If so, what's your number?
  • What do you do with your old race bibs, t-shirts, medals, etc?
  • What's your favorite race distance? Also, what race distance do you dread and why?

Looking forward to hearing your number ;)

- ST

*I omitted the half marathon I took a DNF
**I omitted the 10k that I paced my mom


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  2. Wow, your list is super impressive! I have no idea how many races I've done. I've only done a handful post-collegiately so I'll start to keep tracking of those ones because that will be way easier! :) I love your personalized medal hanger! My awards are randomly spread out throughout my room. My high school and college medals are hanging on a couple of trophies I got at a banquet in high school and I've only received two since then that are just hanging on a bulletin board and a couple of plaques on my nightstand...gosh I really need to get them more organized! :) As far as t-shirts, I wear some of them and some of them are stored away. I really want to make some sort of t-shirt quilt out of them though! And 5ks are probably my least favorite. I just feel like I'm sprinting for my life in them, but they are really good for developing speed for other distances so their my necessary evil ;) And I'm the opposite, I've only done one half, but I loved it!

    1. Love the t-shirt quilt idea! My medals used to all hang on a candle sconce fixture in my apartment. A friend grew worried the fixture was going to fall to the floor so she bought me the medal rack for my birthday last year :)

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    1. Thanks Kate! Hope to see you at the race on Saturday :)

  4. isn't it fun to look back at your stats?

    i keep track of my races since i'm fairly new to this it's pretty easy to do. having a blog helps a lot too. I've run 19 races since i started running.

    i have a bib board that i keep all my bibs and metals on. the t-shirts i don't usually keep unless they're cotton or long sleeve tech and i can see wearing them comfortably for runs (tech) or pajamas (cotton).

    so far i've only run 5Ks and 1/2 marathon distances with one 10K thrown in there. i lean towards the longer runs tho' and i think once i get a chance to run a marathon that may be my race distance of choice.

    i don't really dread any distance... probably because i have limited experience with all of them. lol!

    great post!

    1. Thanks Nikki! I like the bib board idea - maybe I'll have to start my own. Mine are currently stored in a box in a closet :)

  5. Wow you've run a lot of races! Congrats on winning so many medals!

    1. Thanks Kristen! I can hardly believe I've done so many races in the past three years. Doesn't seem like it but I guess they add up after awhile :)

  6. In 2 years I have done 14 races, from 5K's to half marathons and won 3 medals. The only thing I have up on you is some trail races! :-) I have a medal rack like yours. It doesn't say Sun however ;-) Mine says "Run Like a Girl". I also have a matching bib board. They don't all fit on there, but I put my favorite ones on it. I haven't figured out my favorite race distance yet... they all kind of have their pluses and minuses. :-)

    1. I agree, each distance has good things and hard things. I guess that's what makes each race interesting :) Congrats on your medals! Perhaps I'll see you at this weekend's Luck of the Irish race!