Monday, May 12, 2014

T Minus Two Weeks Til The Big Spring Race!

During the dark and chilly days of January, February and March, it seemed the spring racing season would never arrive. But somehow, the season finally got here and now my 10k goal race is less than two weeks away! 

I'm super excited to put my training to the test and see how the race plays out. I've been told the course is flat and fast, which to me equals PR potential! After a successful race in Door County, I know my fitness is there and I'm ready to see what I've got for the 10k distance. The only thing to do now is keep the momentum going while avoiding injury, sickness and overtraining before race day.  

Train smart!

Since May is all about racing, my mileage is down a bit. However, Coach Matt assures me all the intensity is still there. As much as I like running as many miles as possible, I really enjoy these step back weeks because they allow me to take more classes at the Downtown YMCA. This week, I'm super excited to do KB Intervals, Y-Blitz AND KB Basics.  

Here's the full plan:

Monday: 5 miles @easy pace + Y-Kettle Bell Intervals
Tuesday: 8 miles, including ladder workout
Wednesday: 6 miles @recover pace + strength training
Thursday: Y-Blitz + Y-Kettle Bell Basics
Friday: 6 miles @easy pace + Strides
Saturday: 8 miles @easy pace
Sunday: 7 miles @easy pace

Total: 40 miles

My question for you: What workout are you most looking forward to this week?

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

- ST


  1. Looks like a very solid work week coming up with all those classes! You'll be tough as nails for that race :).

    1. Thanks Hailey! I love how the classes help break up the running workouts :)