Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cutting A Run Short + This Week's Training Plan

Do you ever wake up feeling as though a run might not go too well? That's how I felt when I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning. My right hamstring was super tight and that darn blister from earlier in the week had stuck around. But I told myself I to change my attitude and remember all the runs that didn't start out that great but turned out awesome.

The plan was to run 10 miles at easy pace and then pick it up to goal marathon pace for the last 6 miles. My hamstring loosened up within the first few miles and the blister was only whispering to me. Things were going pretty well! Until about mile 8 when things fell apart.

My knee started tightening up. It wasn't too bad at first and I was able to pick it up to goal marathon pace at mile 10. But from there it just got worse. It got so bad that I had to call the workout at mile 14 and stopped for a few minutes to massage the area and stretch. I still had two miles back to my apt so did a walk/jog. Walk for a few minutes, then attempt to run. Make it a quarter mile or so. Then hobble for a bit. Repeat. Repeat.

I told Coach Matt about the problem right away and we think it may be related to the blister issue I had earlier in the week. He recommended taking 48 hours off from running so I had to skip my Sunday miles. But I think it was the smart thing to do. After a weekend of taking it easy, icing and using my new Roll Recovery, everything seems to be doing better.

Hurts like crazy but feels so good after!

So here's hoping this week is better! Here's the plan:

Monday: 6 mile run + Strides; Strength Training
Tuesday: 10 mile workout
Wednesday: 6 mile run; Absolution + Strength Training
Thursday: 7 mile runch; Y-Blitz + Y-Kettle Bell
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 20 mile run
Sunday: 5 mile run

Total: 54 miles

My questions for you:
  • Have you ever had to cut a run short? If so, how did you get home? Walk? Jog? Call for a ride?
  • What workout are you most looking forward to this week?

I'm most excited for tonight's workout and Saturday's long run!

- ST


  1. Never cut a run short, but I have come very close to doing so. I run with my phone on me just in case that ever happens. If I'm too far away, I'd just call my husband.

    That contraption looks amazing and I think I need it in my life! I hope your leg is feeling good today!

    1. I don't carry my phone with me but maybe should start! Definitely try Roll Recovery - awesome massage tool :)

  2. I'm sorry you had to cut your run short, but at least you listened to your body. It's not worth it to risk injury and have to sit out for longer than 48 hours!

    1. I agree! Always better to take just one day off than to end up with a bigger problem later on :)

  3. I've run for years and have had to cut runs short - getting a ride home or walking home. Not fun! Hope you improve quickly!

    1. Thanks Tina! I think I lucked out and my knee is doing better this week. But we'll see how it holds up during this weekend's long run!

  4. I'm sorry you had to cut your run short, but I'm glad it's feel better now! I love that roller! I think my whole body tenses up when I first go to use it, but afterwards everything feels so much better! You have the big 20 coming up! I've only made it to 19 before. Aside from the marathon, what is the longest run you've done? I love learning about these things since I'll be new to the training! When I was starting back up running last fall and into the winter, my orthopedic said I could run and then stop when my foot started to hurt, so I maybe made it like a quarter of a mile from my house for a few weeks before I decided to just rest it. Best decision ever and sounds like you made a really smart decision! That wasn't bad at all since I was so close to my house, but I've been stuck in other situations where I've had no choice but to run home. Not so fun! I'm glad you were able to make it back ok!

    1. The longest run I've done when building up to a marathon is 22 miles. Not sure what it will be this year working with Coach Matt. I love the really long runs - a perfect chance to practice for race day plus, it's so enjoyable to get outside and run :)

      Definitely tough to be stuck in a situation when you have to run home on an injury. I'm planning my route this weekend to include a few loops instead of an out and back in case anything flares up again!

  5. I had the same thing happen to me last weekend. Had that feeling when I woke up and before I knew it, I was cutting the run short and called the boyfriend to come pick me up.

    What is this roll recovery device you have? Looks pretty cool.

    1. Roll Recovery is a self massage tool - kind of like a variation on a foam roller or The Stick. But I find it works a bit better for targeting certain areas - more pressure is applied! I especially like it for hitting my hamstring and IT band areas. It hurts - but in the best way possible. Definitely recommend trying one out :)