Monday, November 3, 2014

Try It: TRX Foundations at the YMCA

One of the best parts about belonging to a gym like the YMCA is there are endless possibilities for getting fit - and there's always a class to take to provide that additional motivation to push as hard as you can to get there faster.

For a few months, I've chatted with Travis - Downtown YMCA Fitness Director and TRX Instructor - about the gym's TRX offerings. He's been encouraging me to try a class so after my fall marathon was behind me, I switched up my routine to include TRX Foundations.

During this 30-minute class, you'll learn all the basic TRX moves. During each four-week session, the classes build on each other and by the end, you'll know how to combo the different moves and also increase the pace of the workout. Although the class is called TRX Foundations, it's appropriate for everyone from beginners to the super fit. For more of a challenge, you can always work the angles a bit more to make the workout more difficult. Doing so is the equivalent of using a heavier weight or kettle bell.

This is a different TRX class but gives you an idea of what the set-up is like!

This is a fantastic class for anyone, but especially runners. For all of you rehabbing your hips, knees, lower legs, etc., the straps make the moves lower impact, so there's less stress on your joints. But at the same time, you'll built incredible core strength. Even during moves that target the upper or lower body, you'll still activate your core muscles to help stabilize your body.

I've found that using the straps allow me to squat lower and lunge deeper, with better form. And this has also helped me get a better workout when doing squats and lunges without the straps. Improved form = increased workout benefit.

I definitely recommend giving TRX Foundations a try. It's open to both YMCA members and community members so give it a try in November!

The Downtown YMCA also offers other TRX classes, including TRX Core, TRX Cardio Circuit, TRX Strength Zone, TRX Fusion and TRX Kettlebell. For the complete class offerings, view the YMCA class schedule.

Join the conversation: Have you tried TRX? If so, what did you think of the workout? 

- ST


  1. I've heard of TRX, but never knew what is was until now! I had seen pictures of people using those straps, but I didn't know it was for those purposes. Makes a lot of sense now :) Sounds like a great way to build up strength without the use of a ton of weights!

    1. It's a fantastic workout and not nearly as scary as it looks :) I remember feeling so intimidated by the straps at first thinking I'd for sure get stuck or tangled but it ended up being fine. Love anything that works the core!

  2. I love TRX! I've never done a TRX-only class, it's usually just been worked in as part of a circuit.

    1. I'd done TRX as part of a circuit in the past but the class was a great way to work on form and try out some new exercises/combos. I'll definitely continue doing TRX in the future!