Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Training Update: April 13-19

During every training block, there are valleys and peaks. Late last week, I was down in a valley. It was a few rough days of training but I am feeling back on track this week after watching the Boston Marathon. Did anyone else watch? I found myself itching to run as I watched the male and female elites power through the miles and then tracked my friends that ran the race. By the end, I was almost tempted to sign up for a marathon myself! 

Anyhow, back to last week. I'm giving my training a B. There were some really good things this week - my Tuesday workout comes to mind - but also some not-so-good things, such as my weekend miles. 

Monday: 5 glue miles w/strides + TRX Cardio Circuit + Strength Training
A promising start to the week. The miles felt fine and I had fun in TRX. It was good to do some extra strength training, too - focused mainly on my hips and glues - two weaker areas. But the best part of the workout was getting to test out some new Oiselle gear. My new Keyhole Tank is a keeper!

Tuesday: 8 mile workout, inc. 10 hill repeats
This was a really strong workout. I started with a 4-mile warmup then hit my hill of choice. My plan from Coach Matt called for 10 hill repeats with every other repeat run at an all-out effort. The downhill portions were the recovery between repeats. 

I felt really good during the repeats. Since I haven't done much hillwork lately and nearly died during the hills in my last race, I wasn't expecting much. However, I surprised myself! The all-out repeats were tough but it helped to know they were only every other trip up the hill. During my cooldown run, I felt on top of the world - I conquered the hill! 

Wednesday: 5 recovery miles + Y-Fuse + TRX Cardio Circuit
Ran these miles over the lunch hour and could tell my legs were still tired from the hill workout. This was confirmed during Fuse when I couldn't run a decent fast lap. Felt like I was dragging during every one of them. 

Thursday: 6 glue miles + Y-Blitz
Planned on doing my miles during lunch so I could do Blitz after work then head home. But ... instead, I opted to go to lunch with a co-worker, eat a giant slice of pie, then do Blitz followed by my miles. Ha, I will never do this again. Felt like a giant slug during Blitz and then barely finished my miles. The pie was delicious but having it slosh around in my stomach for 6 miles was an experience I don't care to repeat. 

If you ever visit MKE, visit Honeypie for a slice of pie - just not before a run!

Friday: Rest Day
Much needed. Rested up and was excited to run long the next morning. 

Saturday: 11 miles, inc. 45-second surges  5 glue miles
This run was unexpectedly bad. My legs felt heavy from the start but even worse than that was a horrible 20+ mph headwind. I tried to battle it out but gave up after a few miles. Decided to do my 5-miler instead and save the 11-miler for Sunday morning. I was really disappointed in myself for giving up but just couldn't find the will to get through the run.

Sunday: 5 recovery miles  9 miles, inc. 45-second surges
After Saturday's long run fail, I was really anxious about Sunday's run. On the plus side, the weather was like 500 times better. There was a bit of a breeze, but nothing like the wind the day before. On the not-so-awesome side, my legs still felt crappy. It took a full six miles for them to feel even somewhat normal and even then, not 100 percent. Because I ran so slow for the first six miles, I ran out of time and had to cut my run a bit short. I was again disappointed I didn't run as well as I had hoped. Told myself I'd have to do better this upcoming week. 

I'm trying to remember that not every week can be perfect. Hopefully since last week was a valley, I'll climb this week and then peak next week - just in time for my next race!

My questions for you:
  • How do you deal with a disappointing training week?
  • Have you ever cut a run short? 
  • What's the worst thing you've ever eaten before running?

Happy Tuesday!

- ST


  1. Way to go on that hill workout! It's always tough to do one of those after some time away from hills, but it sounds like you really powered through it! I shortened a run just a couple of weeks ago. I set out to do an hour, but it was the weekend after I had been sick, and really the worst thing that was going on was some serious bloating, lol so I really should have just kept going, but I called it quits. It happens to us all, and I'm sure this week will be better for you! Worst thing before running...pastries and coffee no doubt. Sometimes it affects me and sometimes it doesn't, but I usually just keep taking the chance haha, those afternoon pick-me-ups are sometimes just needed, right!? ;)

    1. Haha, I would totes justify the coffee and pastries by telling myself - caffeine enhances performance and pastries are carbs! ;)

  2. Seriously great workout week!
    Hills are tough, so many skip hill work and just stick to a track or other intervals. But hill work in my opinion is one of the best trainings a runner can do to both help work on endurance but also speed! Great job on that!!!!
    I think because of your earlier week workouts, you probably won't even notice you shortened your long run, who knows it might even help you in some ways too since your legs were tired:)
    I rarely eat before running, but once I had a burger just before I ran, it was a family BBQ... It's one thing to run on a full stomach, it's another with meat in it... So didn't love that run, LOL

    1. Thanks Kristy! I think you are right that the shortened run helped - this week I'm already feeling much better :)

      Running with a stomach full of meat doesn't sound pleasant - way to power through those miles!

  3. I definitely had the urge to sign up for a marathon after watching Boston too! But...I can't (yet). I've definitely cut runs short and adjusted my schedule because of the way I've been feeling. It happens to us all! Like you said, peaks and valleys...just try to remember the peaks and forget the valleys ! :)

    1. You're right - focus on the positive :) And you have good reason to not sign up for a marathon yet! Hope you - and baby - are feeling well!

  4. I've cut runs short and kind of felt that's just how it goes sometimes. Not all runs can be great but they're not all awful either. For me, it evens out because I've turned 5 mile runs into 7-8 milers. I think the worst thing I ever ate before a run was a bagel with cream cheese. For some reason, that day, it weighed like a rock.

    1. That's actually a great point - sometimes runs do go so well that we add extra miles so I guess it all evens out in the end :) I sometimes eat half a bagel before running, usually with peanut butter!

  5. Ha, I ate a lot of crap before the Paris marathon. I ate a lot of bread, cheese and wine...not exactly the ideal pre race fuel!

  6. Ha, I ate a lot of crap before the Paris marathon. I ate a lot of bread, cheese and wine...not exactly the ideal pre race fuel!

    1. But I bet all the French food was delicious, which sometimes counts for a lot! And nothing wrong with bread before a marathon :)