Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Training Update: March 30 - April 5

Over the weekend, I realized ... my next goal race - Nicolet Bay 5k - is less than a month away! Although I'm sure race nerves will hit as the date gets even closer, I'm mostly feeling excited about spring racing - it's time to see results from winter training.

Last week's training went really well - I give it an A-. It would have earned an A, except I missed Y-Fuse, aka my plyo work for the week. But overall, really solid miles!

Monday: 5 glue miles w/stides + TRX Cardio Circuit + Strength Training  
The Monday usual. Nothing too special about these miles. I ran them a tad faster than planned, mainly because I wasn't really feeling the track and just wanted to be done.
Tuesday: 8 mile workout, inc. 3 x 9-minute intervals  
Another challenging workout from Coach Matt. I've noticed that running distance intervals - i.e. 400m or 800m - is so much easier than time intervals. I think it's because when running a time interval, it's more about how far I can get so I always end up pushing harder. The last 9-minute interval was particularly hard - I was running out of gas and had to dig deep to finish strong. Perfect race practice!
Wednesday: 5 7 recovery miles + Y-Fuse + TRX Cardio Circuit
I intended to run during lunch but ended up getting scheduled for a meeting. So instead, I ran after work, which meant I had to skip Fuse. To make up for skipping the class, I did a 7-miler. The weather was perfect outside and the miles went by pretty fast even though I ran a slow recovery pace.
Thursday: 7 6 glue miles + Y-Blitz  
I ran during lunch and my phone app said 100 percent chance of rain. I don't think work would appreciate me coming back from a run looking like a drowned rat so I decided to run to the Y, do a few miles on the track and then run back to work. Of course, it ended up not raining so I could have run all of the miles outside. Boo :(

Blitz was all about kettle bells - super exciting since I've been missing this type of workout lately!

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 10 mile run, inc. hills 
Coach Matt said to go out of my way to include some hills during these miles so that's what I did! Additionally, he said to break the run up into 2.5 mile segments and aim to run each one 10 seconds faster than the last. Although I started the run feeling kind of slow and sluggish, after about a mile I perked up and had a really nice Saturday run. 

My reward was meeting my friend Sara for dinner and then watching the Badger Final Four game! 

Sunday: 6 5 recovery miles
I cut this one a mile short for time but didn't feel bad about it since I still hit my goal for the week. I kept the pace super slow for recovery and enjoyed every minute!

After the run, Mom and I went to brunch for Easter then I did a bit of food prep for the week. I chopped a bunch of veggies for snacks, made a chicken, black bean and cilantro mixture for burritos and salads and even tried a new recipe - Skinny Taste's Cheeseburger Casserole. I also made a delicious kale salad for dinner. 

All in all, a pretty great week! This week is a recovery week to absorb all of the training from the past few weeks. Then, the final push before Door County!

My questions for you:
  • What was your most successful run or workout last week?
  • Did you do any food prep over the weekend? If so, what did you make?
  • Did you do anything fun for Easter?

- ST


  1. Great long run, Sun! I really like that your coach does timed intervals instead of distance sometimes. I've only done that a couple of times, but they really make for a challenging workout, so I need to do them again soon :).

    1. Thanks Hailey! I'm really liking the timed intervals, too. I did another set last night and they make for great workout :)

  2. You had an awesome training week, love that 10 miler Sat!!!
    That Casserole looks fabulous!
    I have a feeling your going to do awesome in that 5k next month!!!!

    1. Thanks Kristy! The casserole is pretty delicious - especially with a few extra pickles added to each serving ;)

  3. What a great week of workouts! And that casserole looks delicious!

    1. Thank you! The casserole is great and really does taste like a cheeseburger!

  4. Stellar week, girl!! Nice job on that 10 miler and that casserole looks insanely delicious. My most successful run was any time I ran haha. I was just glad to be doing it! And Easter rocked. So much fun with family. :)

    1. Nothing like an injury to force us to appreciate all the miles. Hang in there - I know you'll be back to attacking training and racing soon :)