Wednesday, May 27, 2015

On the Mend

If you're a runner that's ever been injured, you know that every day you're sidelined feels like an eternity. So last week felt endless while I spent my days nursing an injured calf.

A recap:

Monday: No running - I think I overdid it a bit with all the walking on Sunday.
Tuesday: 5 slow miles - The run seemed okay. No discomfort during or immediately after. But later in the evening, pain and cramping kicked in.
Wednesday: No running.
Thursday: No running.
Friday: No running.
Saturday: No running, but a lot of walking.
Sunday: 4 slow miles! No discomfort during the run and everything seemed okay after.

Although I didn't get to do much running last week, there was a small silver lining - more time for doing other things, such as walks on the beach, going to happy hour, cuddling with Eddie, volunteering at a race expo, baking and eating all the food!

I had the beach to myself on Friday :)

The best blondies!

Mom and I volunteered at the Madison Half Expo for the MKE Running Festival!

Eddie likes me better when I'm injured ;)

This week should go a lot better. My main goal is to not get greedy. Since I don't want to re-injure my calf, I'm still taking things pretty easy. No strides. No sprints. No speedwork. I do have a workout planned but it will be a steady state run at half marathon pace. So nothing too crazy!

This week's training plan:

Monday: 4 easy pace miles
Tuesday: 7 mile workout, inc. 4 miles at half marathon pace
Wednesday: 5 recovery pace miles + TRX
Thursday: 6 glue miles + Y-Blitz (depending on how my calf feels)
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 10 mile run
Sunday: 5 recovery pace miles

Total: 37 miles

Tell me: When injured, how do you keep busy?

- ST


  1. There is always stuff to do around my house. Anything from cleaning to repairs to building stuff. Plus my grandson doesn't allow me to much down time. His favorite phrase is "Grandpa come here"!

    I also have a dog and 4 cats that like to keep me company when I am just laying around. They all seem to want their attention. They also all seem to want to be on the bed with me at the same time!

    1. Ha, sounds like a crowded bed! Pets do love extra attention :)

  2. I've had an Achillies Tendon injury that has lasted now about 2 and a half years. I had to completely stop running for 1 year, and although I can be more active now, I am still struggling with getting it completely healed. So I know what you mean and how discouraging it can get.
    But the important part is to get healed. I followed the Dr's advice and got several 2nd opinions and when they all matched I followed what they said, and I think that is the difference between me eventually getting back into marathons, and others who have to give up running. So keep on letting it heal, and working on the healing program your under!
    I can't say I was the best at keeping active the year I couldn't do anything, I was in a boot and lets face it there is not much you can do in a boot. But I wished I had done strength and core workouts more than I did, because there are lots of things that can be done off the feet.
    Hope you heal quickly!!!

    1. I can't imagine being in a boot for an entire year! I guess an injury like that really makes you appreciate it when you're healthy again.

      Glad you're able to be more active now and that the area is healing up!

  3. I'm sorry about your calf, but it sounds like you really made the most out of your down time! Eddie sounds like one of my dogs...I swear, if I come back early from a run because something's off, he couldn't be happier haha, but yet he loves when I bring him home a medal to sniff,(yes, I just admitted that I show him haha), so I tell him that he can't have both ;).

    1. Lol - I also show Eddie medals when I come home from races and sometimes even let him try them on. I guess that makes me a crazy pet lady ;)

  4. I hope your calf is feeling better! I've had some calf/shin pain that had kept my mileage low. Since I'm still streaking, I had to keep to one mile days, so I started Jasyoga and found that I love it! Injuries are a great time to find new workouts!

    1. Thanks Cecilia! I agree, injuries are a good time to branch out and try things you might not otherwise have time for. I tried Jasyoga at Bird Camp last summer and it was great!

  5. Sounds like a good plan. I like to do yoga when I'm injured to at least keep my body moving a little. Hope the calf is better soon!! I love my Bioskin compression sleeve when my calf flares up!

    1. Thanks Sue! I think it's almost back to 100 percent. Compression socks are wonderful for helping with calf issues - I've been wearing mine during practically every run.

  6. Hope your calf is feeling better! Keeping busy definitely helps. Those blondies look great - from scratch?

    1. Thanks Jenny - I think it's almost back to 100 percent :) The blondies were delish - they are from a Martha Stewart recipe. Super easy to make.