Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Countdown to Chicago Rock 'n' Roll 10k!

Over the weekend, Coach Matt emailed me to confirm the date for my next goal race, the Chicago Rock 'n' Roll 10k. When I looked at my calendar to check when the race is I realized ... it's only one month away! It's crazy how fast this summer is going.

So these next few weeks, my focus is 100 percent on the Chicago race. I want a new PR so bad I can taste it. And I know I have a really good chance of achieving one, too, provided the next few weeks of training go well and weather conditions cooperate on race day. The Chicago course and big-race atmosphere play to my strengths so now's as good a time as any to take a chance and run as hard as my legs will allow. 

This week, however, is a down week in training - two rest days!! But even though I'm running fewer miles, I think the quality is still there with my Tuesday workout and Saturday long run. Here's the plan:

Monday: 4 glue miles + TRX + Strength Training
Tuesday: 7 mile workout, inc. 5 repeats of 4 min @6:40 pace + 1 min @6:30 pace. No standing rest, all continuous work.
Wednesday: 3 recovery miles + Y-Fuse?
Thursday: 4 glue miles + Y-Blitz
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 14 mile run
Sunday: Rest Day

Total: 32 miles

Along with putting more focus on running, I'm also being more careful about nutrition. Here's a sample day of meals for this week:

Breakfast: 1 Ozery Breakfast Round + 1 Tbsp PB + 1 serving plain low-fat kefir
Snack 1: 1 serving plain non-fat yogurt + 1/8 cup Bear Naked Fit Granola
Snack 2: 2 cups raw vegetables
Lunch: 2 cups Earthbound Farms Herb Mix + Tuna Rice Salad*+ Banana
Snack 3: Picky Bar
Dinner: Chicken Sausage Zucchini Pasta** + Steamed Spinach + 1 cup blueberries

My new favorite breakfast - one of these delicious rounds topped with PB!

I'm actually pretty excited about all the nutritious eats! I know I need to be as careful as possible most of the week since I'm going to a Brewers game and tailgate on Wednesday and Summerfest on Friday and it's likely I'll stray a bit from my plan on those evenings. But like I always say, everything in moderation!

My questions for you:
  • What are you currently training for? Are you doing anything different during this round of training?
  • What's on your meal plan this week? 
  • When you attend social activities (sporting events, music festivals, going out, etc.) do you stick with your eating plan or do you allow yourself a bit of leeway?

A final note - If you're interested in running a Rock 'n' Roll marathon or half marathon race this year, you can use the code RUNWITHSUN to save $15 off a domestic race or £3 off an international race. Hope to see you at a race this year!

- ST

*1 1/3 cup cooked rice + 5 oz tuna + 1.5 cups cannellini beans, rinsed and drained + 4 Tbsp favorite viniagrette dressing = 4 servings

**2 cups dry rotini pasta, cooked and drained + 5 chicken sausage links (look for ones that are 100 calories per link) + 2 zucchini chopped and diced + 2.5 cups marinara sauce (use one with no sugar added) + 1 cup reduced-fat shredded mozzarella cheese. Cook chicken sausage and zucchini in a large pot. Add marinara sauce. Stir in cooked pasta. Add mixture to casserole dish and top with mozzarella. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Yields 8 servings.


  1. No official race to train for at this time. I have Ragnar Great River in mid August. However, my mind really won't let go of attempting my first dip into an ultra run. There is one around my hometown of Kewaskum in mid July that runs the Ice Age Trail. After my Green Bay marathon I have not had a set training schedule. It has been run when I get the chance. So I have been doing trail running at Pike Lake when time permits.

    With the 50k trail my goal would just be completion within the 10hour time frame. Which is something I believe in my heart I can do. I want to do a couple more long test runs prior to convincing my wife and committing to the run. My mind and heart would really like to make the attempt this year.

    I wish I had the strength to follow a nutrition plan like you do. I try to be think healthy when I eat these days but it really doesn't work out that way.

    I hope your calf holds up for your increased training levels in preparation for Chicago.

    1. Thanks Bob! I hope you're able to chase your dream of completing a 50k! It sounds like that is a goal you're really passionate about - that should go a long way toward helping you achieve your sub-10 hour time!

  2. How exciting!!! You can definitely get that PR!
    Like you, I've started focusing more on nutrition over the past month, some day's are easier than others. But I'm already noticing I am feeling better on my daily runs, and I think for that alone it's a good thing!
    Good luck with training!!!

    1. Thanks Kristy! I agree - eating well makes all the difference during runs. I notice my legs feel pretty heavy on days I eat junk :)

  3. I feel like it's going to be fall again before we know it! Crazy! I have no doubt you can PR at Chicago. :) I'm so excited for you! Your healthy eats sound tasty! I love those breakfast rounds they have now, so good! I'm with you. I'll try my best to eat healthy the majority of the time, but when spending time with friends or at family get togethers I think it's okay to verge off a little bit:)

    1. Thanks Hailey! It's good to allow some treats. I think I'd be so sad - and cranky - on a diet without any cookies, etc. Haha.

  4. My eating plan definitely has a lot of wiggle room...my boyfriend loves pizza and sometimes I have to have some. :)

    Currently training...for nothing! I just got through my goal 5K over the weekend and now I'm taking it easy until I start training for a 12 miler later this summer. :) I wish I could run in Chicago with you!

    1. It would be so fun to run together! Looking forward to reading your Fit Foodie recap. Now I'm hungry for pizza :)

  5. I need to get better about my nutrition. I've kind of fallen off the wagon lately, which is not good since I'm not able to run as much right now due to an "injury". Your tuna recipe sounds amazing, I need to try that!

    1. Let me know if you try it! It was one of those recipes where I just threw some stuff together and it turned out pretty good :)

  6. That sounds exciting, I didn't know some Rock N Roll races had 10K options. Good luck! I should start looking into diversifying my breakfast options - usually it is a greek yogurt + fruit, but it gets a bit boring. The Ozery pic looks good.

    1. I think the 10ks might be a newer thing at RNR races. This is the first year one is being run in Chicago :)